The Gallery - 11/11/11

It may not rain very often in Cyprus but when it does it really chucks it down, since we have been here we have seen some huge storms and have spent many an evening staring out the patio doors watching the lightning illuminate the sky.

Never before though have we seen a sky lit up like this...

What made it all the more surreal is the fact that not only were we stood outside with no sign of rain anywhere, we could also hear no thunder at all.  The storm was way out to sea and went on for almost an hour with nearly constant lightning!

It was a fitting end to a day with an unusual date, and the perfect timing for this weeks Gallery post, the prompt was 11/11/11 and the task was to use a photo to mark whatever we were doing on that day.


  1. Fascinating storm shots, it does make life seem a little bit more special when that happens doesn't it?

  2. OOh I love dramatic weather. We had a big storm last night - maybe you had it too as I am practically your blogging neighbour here in Israel.

  3. Wow, amazing photographs! What a sky!

  4. Wow that is a crazy sky - great photos capturing it.

  5. We've had a week of storms on and off - my friend visiting from UK wasn't very impressed!

  6. They were a few of about 100 photos we took between us trying to get a decent one!

  7. Those pictures are amazing, well done for catching them.

  8. I remember you tweeting about the storms! Wow well done you on capturing them on your camera x


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