First Friends

In the months leading up to our move to Cyprus I spent a lot of time online trying to find out information on all kinds of Cyprus related things and I tried to get an idea of what 'real life' would be like when we arrived. Our apartment was due to be ready the same week Leo was due so it was a big thing to be doing with a small baby - arriving in a country where we knew nothing and no-one.

I often used a very helpful website - Eastern Cyprus Forum  and it was on here that I stalked met my first 'Cyprus' friend, Kelly. I was a bit worried she would think I was a nutter (until I met her that is!!!) as I saw a post she had written in which she said she lived in Derynia and that she was expecting a baby in May just a few days before I was and so I emailed her and said 'Hi, me too!' 

We became 'facebook friends' and over the months 'spoke' to each other quite a bit. Kelly had her baby ( her 4th) 8 weeks early, (Leo was 2 weeks late)  and I'll never forget seeing her in the gorgeous Cyprus sunshine in a tiny white bikini while I was STILL pregnant..... I was not amused!

When we met it seemed like we had known each other for ages as being both addicted to Facebook we knew exactly what we'd been up to.  Kelly has 3 older boys and Leo loved watching them all run around like nutters. In the early days I spent so much time round there he probably thought they were his brothers too!  I used to joke that with so many kids I could probably just leave him there for a bit and she wouldn't notice. 

The boys were great to watch, Steven was always so mellow compared to Leo, I guess that's what having 3 older brothers does for you, Leo used to take everything from him, dummies, toys, biscuits and he usually got it without much fuss. Around the time they started moving though Steven used to get his own back... Leo used to 'commando' crawl everywhere and had Steven used to climb on him and be dragged across the floor as Leo tried to escape!

Kelly had been here 3 years when we arrived, and I have no idea what I would have done without her!  She took me shopping, showed me where to go to get Leo's jabs and check ups and loads of other everyday things.

Steven was Leo's very first friend, the only other baby he had ever spent any length of time with, we used to joke about how they would go out drinking in Agia Napa and chatting up tourists when they were all grown up, and how they would drive her older boys crazy as they tried to join in with what they were up to. Unfortunately Kelly and her family had to move back to the UK in January this year so they've not seen each other since then.  It's a shame that they will not remember they were once best buddies.

Her parents still live here so hopefully one day she will be back for a holiday, Kelly and I still chat online though so we've kind of come full circle!

Kelly's now got her own blog - Life, Love & Babies  - pop over and say hi.
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  1. It is funny how things work out, isn't it? And you never know how things will proceed in the future. GG and J met weekly since before they were born, and things have cooled since they started separate schools, but they are still good friends, and the photos attest to that :))

  2. Arrrr I love your post and we will all be back for a holiday at some point xx

  3. Such a shame that she moved away but it's great that you still keep in touch nd I see she follows your blog too which is lovely. I hope you have another friend out there xx

  4. I've been really lucky and met some great people here, in fact I'm probably closer to them (in that we meet up much more) than my friends in the UK!

  5. Nikki - A Mother in France9 October 2012 at 20:24

    I can really relate to this post.  It's so great to have a friend from the start with a big move abroad.  I was lucky enough to make a good friend like that within a few weeks of moving to France.  I was 8 weeks pregnant and feeling totally lost.  She helped me with so many things, I can never really thank her enough and feel extremely lucky.

  6. Ah shame kelly had to move back. But brilliant that she was there for you when you needed her most and how wonderful to have a friend who also had a newborn. I bet you'll be friends forever no matter where each of you is living.


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