Creating Christmas

I must apologise for bringing up the 'C word' so early.....Christmas is not actually that far away, but you probably knew that. I imagine that in the UK it's been everywhere you turn for weeks now? but here it's only the last week or so that I've seen or heard any mention of it.

I'll soon be reading all the usual stuff online about Christmas stress and shopping in tweets and facebook statuses and be thankful that I'm out of it, don't get me wrong I LOVE Christmas but can't stand all the faffing about presents...  who everyone is or isn't buying for, how much it's costing etc etc

I like to think that maybe people are going to worry less about it all with so many people now struggling for money but I'm probably being optimistic.

This year, for the first time I'm doing home-made stuff, it may not be brilliant but it's the thought that counts and it's that or nothing!  I only be doing things for a very small amount of  people as we are so far from everyone else and I know they will be happy with their gifts, but if I thought someone would be offended by a home-made gift then I'd probably decide they are very rude and not be inclined to give them a gift at all, after all it takes more thought and time to make something than to pick up some random gift in a shop which they quite possibly do not even want.

I'm really looking forward to getting into the kitchen to create lots of (hopefully) yummy Christmas treats, you can expect some blog posts along the way about it,  and I'm also planning to try and get over my reluctance to involve Leo in the kitchen and get him 'helping' along the way.  I loved the run up to Christmas as a child and I hope to create plenty of excitement and traditions for Leo over the years, helping to create gifts for others I feel is a very good start!

I'm not the most naturally creative of people and I'm always trawling the internet for ideas so I'm looking for inspiration,  I know there will be a million blog posts out there so if you have one I'd love you to share it with me...   if you have a Christmas craft, recipe or home-made gift idea then please join me and add your post to the linky below.

I'll be doing a 'Creating Christmas' post on Mondays between now and the day itself starting in a week or so, but the linky is open now so feel free to link up any posts you already have, to help me out - your ideas might just work their way into my Christmas plans. You can stop by each week to join in, or you can visit my Creating Christmas page by clicking on the link at the top of the page. Posts can be new or old as long as they are relevant, and feel free to add as many as you like!


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  1. This sounds lovely but I am not at all creative xxx

  2. A lovely idea! I hope to make some bits so will link up. I'll put a little heads about this linky up on Love Craft Blogs as there's a seasonal section on there and there have already been some Christmas posts ;)

  3. For some reason I could not leave a link, so am leaving one here. It is to a Christmas on a Budget article I wrote a couple of years ago. You might find some useful ideas about home-made vouchers I have created in the past.

    I made gifts last year and everyone loved them. It was so good to see them being used/worn during the year. It is time to go back to the thought behind the gift.

  4. I think I'll need to try my hand at eco-friendly decorations this year, for my Step Down Sunday (  

    I'll be sure link anything I come up with back here.

  5. Love this idea.  Lots of Xmassy posts, but no tutorials etc, so will have to have a think and see if I've got any to add to the linky.

  6. Me neither really - I'm just trying as Leo loves doing something different. I come up with a really easy simple idea for a Christmas decoration craft which I'll be posting soon - maybe I'll challenge you to do it too...... if all else fails, I'm sure Aaron will love it and it will give you a good blog post ;)

  7. Doesn't have to be a tutorial, anything with a theme of 'Creating Christmas' is fine - family traditions or creating new ones with your children for example, anything that 'Creates' a bit of Christmas magic!

  8. Top idea, I shall try and link up some ideas!


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