2 years in Cyprus

Today is our 'Cyprus Anniversary', we have now been in Cyprus 2 years!   Last year I looked at the difference a year makes and how much it felt like home.  It wasn't the easiest of years and I had always been looking forward to this second year, actually in some ways this year has been even harder due to Aaron losing his job and money being somewhat tight but in terms of feeling like home this year has been an improvement.

My parents moved out in March and now it seems like they've always been here, it seems like I've known my friends here forever and now I've even got a job!  

Aaron is now on the committee for the Famagusta Eightball Pool Championships as Vice Chairman and is Captain of his team 'All the Kings Men' who play for the King's Sword Pub in Agia Napa.  Aaron has been playing pool for years but this is the first time he's been Captain!

I'm now writing for Daxi, a local magazine and also enjoy getting involved with the brilliant website Mums in Cyprus. I've just started working with MG Health & Fitness  and I'm (slowly) learning Greek, all of which is making me feel more like I belong here. 

It's really not as easy as it might sound though, especially at the moment while we are looking for work  Sorting out child / unemployment benefit (we are entitled to it as Aaron has worked and paid social insurance for two years here and we are still in the EU) is very difficult due to not only the language but the random way in which things usually seem to be done!  Even simple things like going to the doctors can be hard but it's obviously going to get easier as time goes on and we get used to it even more, and before you say it I know it was our choice.... if we don't like it then go home  (you were thinking it weren't you!)

I do sometimes wonder if we made the right decision, (sssh, don't tell anyone!) but only when things are a bit crap - and it's very easy to blame the fact we live in Cyprus for that and forget that we'd be sure to have various problems in the UK too. Aaron has no doubt whatsoever and he may well be right (but don't tell him so!) but then I've always been one to 'overthink' things.

Overall, it's bloody great and I think it's the best thing we've ever done. We've met great people and had some great times....


  1. mamatherapy mamatherapy9 October 2012 at 20:21

    Congratulations to your new job!

  2. That sounds amazing, I never thought I could live anywhere other than England but for the first time this year I decided I'd like to live abroad for a period of time (easy does it). I went to Cyprus last year and it was lovely, I could certainly get used to the climate. Good luck with the job hunting :)

  3. From experience, mine and many of my friends, it took a good 2 1/2 years to settle down to the point of being at home here. And then there are times after that when you get homesick for a while but it passes. The main thing is to have a circle of good friends and get together with them often.


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