A tale of two 'Raff's'

This is 'Orange Raff', you may have met him before as he's been around for a good couple of years now.He has spent almost any many nights in the cot as Leo and he's always been there when it seems the world is ending.  'Orange Raff  was once just plain Raff, or 'Mr G.Raff' if we're being a bit more formal. Named by Aaron and placed by Leo's head in his cot when he was a couple of weeks old it wasn't too long before he started to play a bigger role.

For many months it seemed as Leo would never notice him, every morning he was left to laze around in bed while Leo got up and faced each day.  One morning though a long time ago now, Leo picked him up as he was lifted out the cot and gradually he became an extension of Leo's hand.

As Leo began to talk and started learning colours he would name the colour of everything he said. He struggled for a while with being able to pronounce 'orange' so at first it was actually 'Offinge Raff' but soon he figured it out and the name just stuck.

Orange Raff would often go AWOL resulting in a mad search of the apartment just before bedtime, or would have to sneak off to be washed and dried before anyone would notice. This prompted me to think about getting a stand in, just in case of emergencies.

Spot the difference?
It was hard work but we eventually located one, there was however a slight problem...

Now it seems that Leo is not daft, he spotted straight away that something was not right and there was an imposter in our midst. I tried washing, squashing and even sleeping with the new Raff under my pillow but nothing but many months of love and cuddles (and ear chewing) was going to get us anywhere close, so we gave up and introduced 'Big Orange Raff' to the family.

The two Raff's now live happily side by side with Leo, Big Raff is welcomed but it will always be the little one that gets the most attention!

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  1. I don't know how kids do it but they suss on immediately when teddy isn't teddy or Raff in your case. Glad you have a happy household once again though Phew!

  2. ghostwritermummy9 October 2012 at 20:21

    Ah lovely pictures and very cute how nothing gets past kids!

  3. Awww what a wonderful take on today's theme - my fav post so far for sure :)
    It's amazing how they know isn't it? Verys weet x

  4. Lovely story. Funny how they notice these things even at such a young age - they aren't daft!

  5. aww what a lovely post, reminds me of my sister who had old one, a bear my dad brought her when she was bron who was once left in her cot alone, until she eventually found him to be her favourite friend, my mum like you went out of her way to source a replacement when she noticed how close to 'old one' my sster had become, but it did not work and that is where he got his name (not sure what he wascalled  prior) but when my mum tried to introduce the new bear as a bit of a stand in my sister cried and complained aking for the 'old one' and from that day forth 'old one' was the one one allowed to share her bed, he became so old and tatty he had to be repaired any many times! me on the other hand never really got attached to a certain soft toy... strange because out of me and my sister I am far more the sentimental one.


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