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The last few weeks I've not been able to cobble together a post to take part in Michelle's Reason's to be Cheerful linky, in fact I may have struggled to fill a 140 character tweet on the subject!  I decided last week that I would take a leaf out of Michelle's book though and find things to be cheerful about even when it appears there are none... but then...

I got a job!   
Not only did I get a job, I got a good job!   
After Aaron lost his job back in August I started looking for work, the plan had always been for me to do something (had no idea what, I was looking for a flash of inspiration!) but once Leo was in nursery, and we had to wait until we had the cash available to send him - catch 22 I believe!  

As we were both out of work I was now looking for anything at all, but it's very hard. It is the end of the season so many people are now out of work for the winter so the wrong time of year for job hunting. I've not worked here in Cyprus so far and I don't speak enough of the language so far to even hold a conversation let alone use it in work.

I've always heard the phrase 'its not what you know, it's who you know' and that is so true here in Cyprus, yet again word of mouth has helped us out, and I'm now working for Century 21 Cyprus as a property consultant. It's part time, from home and I can pretty much set my own hours - perfect!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

I've also been over to Michelle's blog - Mummy From the Heart to read her #R2BC post and discovered that she has included me in her list of bloggers which make her cheerful...... *does happy dance around the room*


  1. Thank you, it certainly has potential :)

  2. Yay! Congrats on the new job - it sounds fab!

  3. So lovely to hear your good news and you have being missed a lot.  All the best with it

  4. hurray what a relief - glad things are looking up x

  5. Brilliant news about the  job - Big time reason to be cheerful!

  6. Oh wow, huge congratulations!!!! Sounds like a great job!

  7. mumoffalltrades19 October 2012 at 20:51

    That is fantastic news. Congratulations


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