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Once upon a time I listened to music a lot, in the car, at home and even if I had the TV on it would usually be on a music channel during the day. Nowadays due to the protests of a certain little man it's usually restricted to in the car, and even then it has to be 'not big loud Mummy' On the rare occasions I end up indoors on my own, the first thing I do is to turn my ipod on and listen to my favourites.

I miss my music and wish I'd not stopped listening to it so Leo was in the habit of hearing it and might not moan about it so much. Music can do so much for your mood and there are so many songs that really mean something, it drives Aaron mad that I have a story for nearly every song in my collection!

I've been tagged by Real Housewife Lauren to take part in  Mammywoo's Music Therapy which is all about reminding ourselves how much we love our music and sharing the songs which really mean something to us, those whose lyrics could have been written just for us.

The idea is to pick '3 beautiful songs, 3 different bands, 3 sets of lyrics which touch you in anyway you want to show'  There have been many songs over the years that have helped me and if I think about it too much I'll never be able to pick just three, so I'm going with the first three that come to mind.

Lighthouse Family - High

I actually haven't listened to my first choice in years, it's not even on my ipod!  (this will now be rectified very soon).  This song came out while I was living with Aaron in our his first house, I remember sitting in my bedroom (I had my own room which at various points in the on/off relationship years I actually used as a place to sleep!) listening to the radio and this came on.

The lyrics instantly meant a lot to me....

When you're close to tears remember
Some day it'll all be over
One day we're gonna get so high
And though it's darker than December
What's ahead is a different colour
One day we're gonna get so high

And at
The end of the day
remember the days
When we were close to the edge
And we'll wonder how we made it through the night
The end of the day
remember the way
We stayed so close till the end
We'll remember it was me and you

'Cause we are gonna be forever you and me
You will always keep me flying high in the sky of love

Don't you think it's time you started
Doing what we always wanted
One day we're gonna get so high
'Cause even the impossible
is easy when we got each other
One day 'we're gonna get so high

People used to tell me I was stupid to stay there in that house with Aaron, that it was going nowhere and I should move on,  as I sat in my freezing cold bedroom (I will never forget how cold that house was) I smiled to myself and thought eventually, somehow it will all work out.

Lionel Richie - Stuck On You

We had this song on the intro to our wedding video, it was my idea and I don't really know if Aaron agreed because he likes the song, if the lyrics meant as much to him as me or if he didn't really have a preference but I chose it because not only is it a great song, the lyrics are absolutely perfect for us.

Stuck on you
I've got this feeling down
Deep in my soul
That I just can't lose
Guess, I'm on my way
Needed a friend
And the way I feel now I guess
I'll be with you till the end
Guess I'm on my way
Mighty glad you stayed

I'm stuck on you
Been a fool too long I guess
It's time for me to come on home
Guess I'm on my way
So hard to see
That a woman like you could wait
Around for a man like me
Guess I'm on my way
Mighty glad you stayed

Oh, I'm leaving on that midnight train tomorrow
And I know just where I'm going
I've packed up my troubles
And I've thrown them all away
Cause this time little darlin'
I'm coming home to stay

and finally one of my favourite songs of all time, I have blogged about it before, along with my favourite 'Hold On' by Wilson Phillips but I couldn't leave it out of this.

John Parr - St Elmos Fire

This was a song that Aaron downloaded for me, telling me I would love it. He was right but it was only after it had been accidentally playing in the background of the video walkthrough of our apartment that it really meant something to me.

It became the soundtrack to Cyprus and I played it again and again in the lead up to our move. I then didn't hear it for a while but the day Aaron started work I stood in our apartment with a 7 month old baby wondereing what the hell I was supposed to do all day with no car and no friends and put my ipod onto shuffle and this played,  I held Leo and stood on the balcony looking at my 'new horizon' and realised that this was indeed where my future was lying.

Growin' up
You don't see the writin' on the wall
Passin' by
Movin' straight ahead you knew it all
But maybe sometime if you feel the pain
You'll find you're all alone
Everything has changed

Play the game
You know you can't quit until it's won
Soldier on
Only you can do what must be done
You know in some way
You're a lot like me
You're just a prisoner
And you're tryin' to break free

I can see a new horizon
Underneath the blazin' sky
I'll be where the eagle's
Flyin' higher and higher
Gonna be your man in motion
All I need is a pair of wheels
Take me where my future's lyin'
St. Elmo's Fire

Now to tag some fellow bloggers to join in if they wish... 


  1. Iused to love the lighthouse family but they disappeared quickly didn't they? Lionel
    Ritchie also a brilliant choice. My favourite one by him has to be endless love!

  2. Brilliant choices [sorry only just been able to get on to comment]
    I love Lighthouse Family. I was listening to this song when it was played on the radio recently and thought that its not played enough. The singer has a beautiful voice.
    And you cannot beat a bit of Lionel. My mum and dad had their first dance to Hello and we had one of his songs (cant remember which one, oops) featured on our "wedding cd" which played through the hotel and on our dvd too!
    Love your in depth reasons too :-) and feel like I know more about you now.
    Thanks for joining in xx

  3. Laughing at the fact you can't remember which song you had, at least it wasn't your first dance song, that would be a bad one to forget!

  4. I love your choice of songs. I need to write a post like this soon too! 


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