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One of the things that continue to fascinate me about this blogging lark is the not just the amount of readers I have gathered along the way but also the search terms that lead people to my blog.   This weeks Listography asks for our Top 5 Keyword searches so I couldn't resist going to find out what they were.

1. Barney / Barney & friends (and loads more Barney related phrases)  
This is my highest viewed post by far, and it was a previous Listography entry - Top 5 Annoying Kids programes.  It's had over 10,000 more views than anything else!

2. What makes a house a home
The second highest search at the moment, which would take you to my recent post about Leo's new 'Big boy's bedroom'

3. It's all Greek to me / Rosetta Stone (and many Rosetta Stone related terms)
I've been writing about my progress learning Greek and reviewing the Rosetta Stone software.

4. Meniere's Disease
This pleases me, and I hope this post may have helped someone This was written by my Mum who suffers with Menieres disease but copes very well and really tries not to let it affect her life too much.

5.Alethea's story
I first wrote about Alethea Ayres and how she was battling Malignant Metastic Melanoma when her and her family were trying to raise money to send her to Germany for treatment.   Unfortunately I had to write another post when she sadly lost her fight against it some months later

Other popular searches are mainly Cyprus related, but there are some real random ones which make me smile and a couple which intrigue me....

'5 things you can't do on the Isle of Wight'  - really?  Why search for things you CAN'T do?
Drunk people skinny dipping in Agia Napa - Ok, I've been drunk in Agia Napa but I've not been skinny dipping.....yet!
'Can you just move to Cyprus' - yeah why not!
'Get your cape out of the laundry hamper'  ?????
'A matter of a mile and a mole'      erm, what??



  1. I know, I was stunned the first time I noticed the amount, about a 1000 in one day! It just keeps going up, so I suppose the stupid dinosaur is good for something!

  2. I know, I'd love to know what they were looking for!

  3. Glad I made you laugh, it does make you wonder what people are actually looking for!

  4. I love the random search terms and your responses, had me chuckling out loud and had to explain to dh why!
    Mich x

  5. 10,000 plus views?? Wow that's a mahoooooooisive amount of visits! I don't have a post that's has anywhere near that amount of visits! Well done you. I hate ha stupid purple taking dinosaur too! X

  6. 'Get your cape out the laundry basket' I just love that! so funny what some people search for. That just made me really laugh! x

  7. Oh I love your randoms!! What is with that cape one?!


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