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This time two years ago we were rapidly disappearing under a pile of boxes, we had booked our one way flights and it seemed that every day brought more 'goodbyes' as we gradually got closer to our leaving date. We had spent many months gradually packing our belongings for shipping to Cyprus and my poor parents lost the use of their conservatory for a very long time (and their garage, spare bedroom and hallway!) It was a huge task debating what to take, what to leave and who to give it too or how to sell it, along with trying to work out what we needed for Leo as he was then only 5 months old.

We said goodbye to our things at the end of October and I remember standing on the driveway, in the cold and that horrible drizzly rain as I watched the van with our beloved boxes drive away.  I stood there for a long time watching the now empty road thinking.... 'Oh my god, that's it - it's all gone now'  I could hardly believe that I would next see it all in Cyprus, after 2 years it was actually all going to happen!

I did say a little prayer to myself that it would all reach our new home in one piece, and it did, bar one small dish that got broken - not at all bad in the scheme of things!

Last year I looked back over our first year in Cyprus and said it did now feel like home. Two years on and it's hard to imagine not being here. I do miss my friends but realise that life moves on and you can't always stay as close as you'd like. I have made some fantastic friends here and also know that however long it may when I speak to my 'old' friends it feels like we haven't been apart.

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  1. Wow two years Has flown by I bet! it must be wonderful though that now you have your parents living out there with you. The photo is brilliant - really sums up how it must have been a couple of years ago in your house. I bet you dont miss the drizzly rain either . Happy two year anniversary xx

  2. Ditto everything about old friends and new friends. I've been in Israel for almost 24 years now!

  3. It's nice to know that some things don't change isn't it.

  4. No, I REALLY don't miss that rain, I used to think it was the most depressing thing ever!

  5. A good photo to look back on,I like to look back at my old house as I had my 4 children their but I only move 8 miles away :)

  6. You are so brave to have made this BIG move...and what a wonderful move it has turned out to be. Thank you so much for sharing your delightful posts every week for Flashback Friday. I feel like I know all about you! ;)


  7. This brought back memories for me too! I have been living in Germany for a bit over two years now and have no desire to go back to Switzerland.
    I have had the same experience as you, I made great friends here too but find that keeping in touch with the friends who really matter "back home" is proving no problem.


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