Flashback Friday -

I was very lucky as a child I got to go on several foreign family holidays over the years. I went to Malta twice as a toddler but the first holiday I have memories from was in the early eighties to Estepona in Spain, although I do wonder how many I'd have if it wasn't for the large amount of photos we have!

I learnt my first foreign word on this holiday which was 'Helados' a very important word for a young child to know as it means 'ice cream'. I remember coming back to the villa one day to find the doorstep so covered in ants it looked completely black!  I remember that my parents forgot to give the villa key back and we realised once back in the UK, I kept that key (Casa 228, yep I can still remember what was written on it!) for years and years as my 'best ever' souvenir.

Most importantly I remember walking through a tunnel (I assume under a road or something) with my Dad after he had had a drink or 3 when he announced he was "a little 'tiddlypoo's"  and he was dancing around and singing - I thought it was brilliant and really funny and remember laughing as my Mum tried to tell him off while he was still singing and pulling faces at me when she turned round!

I know we spent each morning at the beach, before the sand got too hot to walk on and then the afternoons at the pool. It was by the pool that my Dad happened to snap me messing around with a rubber ring... 

Looking at the second picture I remember how the inside of the ring scratched my head as I put it on!

It turns out that this penchant for inflatable head wear runs in the family as last summer I found Leo attempting the same look...


  1. Your mum does look like you do now in that photo! I'd dint go n my first foreign holiday until I was 16 when we went to France so you we very cosmopolitan to gale ant over to Spain so young!! I love how you have photos of you and Leo wearing the rubber rings so well hee hee xx


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