Autumn leaves Toddler Craft

I'm slowly getting better at doing more craft activities with Leo. I always imagined I'd be doing all kinds of things but in reality it turned out to be harder than it looked! I've never been known for my patience and this is not helpful when it comes to dealing with toddlers at the best of times, let alone when you add paint, glue and instructions into the mix!

I love the ideas over at Emma's Lunch, and the way the crafts are themed to the seasons so I thought I'd try an autumnal themed craft. My inital plan was to take Leo to the park, something we haven't done for a few months due to the heat, to collect some leaves, but I realised the flaw in the plan as soon as I looked out the window... the trees are all green and the few leaves that are around are the wrong type!

Not to be outdone I printed some leaves to colour in,

I gave Leo just 'autumnal colours' red, brown, yellow and orange, along with a green as he was a bit bemused that trees could be any other colour!  I explained that  leaves change colour and fall off the trees and talked about England and woods and playing in piles of leaves, he listened with a surprising amount of interest!

The following day we went for stage 2 of the plan which also went pretty much to plan.  Before we started I cut the leaves out and added some leaf shape pieces of orange and yellow paper. I then drew a tree trunk and branches on a large sheet of paper, gave Leo some glue and he got sticking.

It went well, I encouraged him to stick them on the branches or on the ground rather than all over the place but mainly let him get on with it, this is usually my problem when it comes to doing things with him - I'm not good at things not being done 'right'.

We stuck the finished tree on the fridge and he was ever so pleased with his creation, the next day he wanted to do more so we added a few more leaves and he did some colouring on it, I tried to persuade him to just stick but then realised it was his picture and it didn't really matter, especially as I'd already taken a photo!.... I did only give him the 'right' colours to use though!


  1. No problem, I was very impressed with how well it went!

  2. This is a great one as it's easy and not messy :)

  3. Ah yes, I hate painting - he begs to do it then gets bored after a couple of minutes and we have to clear it all away again!

  4. I know just what you mean - hats off to the mums who are able to do activities with their children seemingly without any effort. I almost have to make an appointment with myself for the paint to come out of the cupboard!

  5. Very nice, both my daughters are doing quite similar types of projects at their respective schools, well done.  Im not the best for crafty things either, must try harder!

  6. That looks lovely! Great job Leo! and thanks for the link Emma :)

  7. I bet he loved it too - I am the same when it comes to crafty things with children.  I am determined to make an effort once my son is a little bit older. 


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