Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Xpat Blog Hop

I'm joining in with the latest blog hop I've come across this week - It's the Xpat Blog Hop hosted by Tales from Windmill Fields.  Every week she gives a topic, a top 5 perhaps or a question or photo related post and you link an old post, or write one to fit the theme.

This week...
 List 5 things you wish your expat country had and they don't . And 5 things your expat country has and you wish they didn't . (it can be less or more than 5 if you wish)

I wish Cyprus had Primark / Asda etc..  15 euro for one baby grow in the local supermarkets, that says it all really!   or actually if they all just delivered (with sensible delivery charges!) that would be fine. I realise it would be a bit depressing if the local area turned into a standard British high street but I do miss the availability of cheap clothes and kids stuff.

Organised baby/ toddler activities - I've had a moan about this before but there is a major lack of organised activities for babies and toddlers and Mums!  I always imagined that I would be quite busy once I had a baby going to meet ups, library sessions, swimming groups etc but there just aren't any here!

A sense of urgency!  - the 'siga siga' (slowly slowly) attitude although very nice in theory just does not come naturally to me. Unfortunately patience is not a skill I am not all that good at, when I want to do something I want to do it right now.   The engine in Aaron's car died just before Christmas and has had no end of problems resulting it being sent back and forth to the garage and we still don't have it back!

Moving on....
I wish Cyprus didn't have mosquito's, the bloody things drive me crazy!  I hoped this year would be better, thought maybe I'd be a bit more immune to them, but no not so much!

Um, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be, I'm sure if I walked into the nearest 'expat pub' I'd find lots of people who would reel off tons of things, some of which I'm sure I'd agree with. many though would probably fall into the 'moaning ex pat' category which I try very hard to stay away from.   It's good to know that there is not TOO much I'd change, in fact I think I'll leave this here in case I realise there is more!

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