What makes a house a home?

A new house becomes a home when a well-loved picture goes back up on the wall, or when treasured possessions come out of the bubble wrap. When it gradually fills with all the things you know and love as they emerge from their boxes, things that were long ago packed away to make a very long journey across the world.

A house becomes a family home when there are toys scattered about, and fingerprints are on the TV (and doors, and everything else!)

And a nondescript living room becomes a proper 'big boy's bedroom when it is transformed from this...

to this...

Leo has finally got his bedroom finished, it's been a while coming but was worth the wait. Last year Aaron transformed what was an open plan living area into a bedroom and yesterday it was finished off. Leo now has a lovely bedroom, decorated and with a new 'big boy bed'! 

We surprised him with it yesterday and he was over the moon. Today he's been telling everyone he had a new bedroom and it has 'Mickey Mouse and Light Mcqueen' on the wall!

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  1. I can't decorate to save my life, in fact I've even been banned from picking up a paintbrush by my hubby. Fine by me as long as someone else gets on with it ;)

  2. What a lovely bedroom, glad he likes it, fit for a prince!

  3. That is my favourite part of a new house. I shut myself up in there for days decorating and perfecting, and then finally I let the kids in to their new room and see their faces - love it!

  4. Oh wow! That looks beautiful!

  5. What a lovely bedroom. I definitely agree it's about making the space your own. I hope he enjoys his room for many years to come. xx

  6. Yay a big boys room!, Burton's room looked so plain and drab until his got decorated earlier thisnyear - so much better and child like now just like Leo's . May he continue to live and rave about it xx

  7. oh that's fab! my son can't get the lightening McQueen thing right either! 

  8. Really funny, I was just looking at the mumsnet blogs and you were second on the list - it's a small world in blogland!


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