Thursday, 1 September 2011

Vodka induced poetry released on the world

 I’ve come a long way since the day you broke my heart,
Yet it seems to me that we’ve never been apart.
You’ve helped me through bad times and shared in the good,
 Which is why I love you a little more than I should.

You stopped yet caused an ocean of tears,
So many memories in just a few years.
You helped me grow and become who I am,
Made me laugh many times like only you can.

Yet you caused me a great deal of pain,
We moved on, then you did it again.
I welcomed you back like only I would,
Which is why I love you a little more than I should.

I wrote several random poems as a child, mainly for school but as I grew up I could only write them if I was depressed (and usually being over-dramatic) This one I wrote in my flat, probably in my pyjamas whilst drinking vodka and eating toast, I can't remember the year but it was probably around 2001. 

If you read the story of Aaron and I, (the condensed version - I don't think cyberspace would be big enough to contain the full story!) then you know there were several 'just good friends' periods. This would have been written in one of those :)

I've had this post in draft for a while now, undecided whether to release my 'personal' poetry on the world especially as I post to Facebook too, and I'm fairly sure Aaron would never have read this before either but I really like it so why the hell not!

My Mum actually has several homemade books of the poems I wrote as a child, they are a bit rubbish (in my opinion but I suppose as poetry from a child they are quite good, and Mum's are supposed to love it all!)  I did however write a couple of great ones in alcohol induced states.... maybe I'll have a dig about through old boxes and see if I can come up with the others.

One I have already published here. - A tribute.


  1. Ha ha very good! It's funny cos I used to,write poems when I was much younger and I wrote a ' book' with illustrations but I have no idea if it lying around anywhere collating dust. It probably got thrown out! One poem I wrote when I was at primary school was published in a local newspaper it was after a school trip to a zoo and it was about the rare red panda!!

  2. Ok, first off that is really good. It's touching and yeah, it speaks volumes to me. The fact you wrote it so young is incredible.
    Secondly; I don't think you were being 'over dramatic' you were clearly in touch with your emotions.
    I love it.
    Lastly; BLOODY MEN!

    Mammy woo

  3. Ah thank you! Glad you liked it and yes 'bloody men' indeed - I tend to think of it as over dramatic as I'm now married to him but I meant it all at the time.xx


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