Friday, 9 September 2011

Welcome to the world

This post is dedicated to my lovely friend Claire, or more accurately her gorgeous new baby girl who made her appearance on Tuesday evening. I have been badgering her for weeks now to make sure I was on the all important "labour alert text list' as I obviously could not just jump in the car to see her and check all was ok. 

I am hugely impressed that not only was I kept updated, but they came from the lady herself, I passed all labour alerts over to Aaron during Leo's birth, and, not only that but for someone who doesn't 'do' technology actually sent me a photo of the lovely little lady. 

All this new baby news sent me running to Leo's baby photos and I came across this one.....

The new Mum herself holding my 2 day Leo.
Claire was the first non-family member to come and see us, she brought us lovely presents - a cuddly lion (which I gave back to her as part of her 'baby shower in a box' as Leo had outgrown it and I thought it would be a nice touch for the baby to have a present from Leo) and some plastic bowls, which at the time she explained were obviously way to early but we use them every day now.

But despite all of that, the first thing that comes to mind when I see that gorgeous photo is the fear that she had that Leo would be sick on her, she had come to see us on her way to a BBQ with her work colleagues and had no time to get changed. Luckily Leo was feeling charitable and saved it for Mummy!

I want to wish baby Ava and the new parents all the best, and I hope I can see you soon.  Congratulations guys!


  1. Lovely photo. And big congratulations to your friend x

  2. Lovely!! Congrats on the birth of beautiful baby Ava! x


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