Sunday, 4 September 2011

Summer's still going strong!

There is much talk at the moment in real life (well, my real life friends on facebook - does that count?) and in the blog world of the whole 'back to school/end of summer thing'.  I realise this is not going to make me very popular but this is kind of passing me by a little bit.....

Summer has been here in Cyprus for a long time, not just due to the fact it hasn't rained since early May (Sorry I did warn you!) but that the schools here break up for the holidays somewhere near the beginning of June and they still haven't gone back yet. (ah now you're glad you are in the UK aren't you!)  For me, as a stay at home mum with a preschooler it makes no difference anyway.  So my summer is here to stay a while longer.

This year has been a much more enjoyable summer time, I even have a tan - last year although I developed a bit of one I'd previously got more tanned on week long holidays! Although I have only sunbathed once this year we have spent a whole lot more time outside.  Now Leo can happily spend several hours at the pool or beach, and with my parents being here there are more people to amuse him it's become a lot easier.

I've done quite well on crossing a few things off my 101 list....

I got over my fear of getting my whole apartment covered in paint and let Leo loose (well not that loose!) with his paints.

I finally got round to taking a walk along the Pernera beach path at night. I've wanted to do this since we got here but never got round to it. I've done it many times in the day, usually with the other mums from Leo's music group, where we would end up taking over the path with all our buggies!

I went swimming at night...

We had a picnic on the beach in the evening to celebrate our anniversary. I had a 'fish foot spa'  and I also started learning Greek properly, although I can't cross that one off until I finish the course.

Last night I managed to cross off 3 things from the list!   We went to see local band Echo playing live on the beach, so that's the beach party done.

When we got home I did something I've wanted to do for years on holiday but always been to scared of 'hotel rules'....
After jumping in the pool fully clothed I *may* have also realised it was a good time to also tick off the skinny dipping task of the list..... don't panic though I won't be sharing a photo of that!

All in all it's been a great summer, and we're very lucky that it's not over just yet!


  1. Ha love it! If only we all had our own pool. Sigh. 

  2. Skinny dipping! I remember someone else who was going to do that years ago.

  3. Nightswimming is so liberating. I bet it was wonderful. Looks like a wonderful place to live - don't feel bad about sharing your life. It looks lovely.

  4. can't beat skinny dipping. what a fab summer - hope the Autumn comes good (fingers crossed) XX

  5. Hee hee you rascal skinny dipping! Your summer just looks one long holiday - what a wonderful life. Although not sure I would want that kind of heat all the time!! Lovely summer memories xx

  6. You're doing brilliantly. :-)

    When do they finally go back to school?

    Did you like the fish spa? I saw it on offer at the airport recently and thought of you!!

  7. um yes, sitting here in London that kind of stings. Ouch. 

  8. It is great but it's not really like being on holiday all the time, and the heat can be very hard but I love it, just wouldn't suit everyone.

  9. I loved the fish spa, was a bit weird to start but after a minute or so it's lovely!   Kids go back to school next week after having 3 months off!

  10. Thank you, the night swimming was great, I've wanted to do it for years!

  11. Your comments don't show unless you reload the page that's why I couldn't see anywhere.Any way, must say how lucky you are to have had such a great Summer.Skinny dipping is very liberating ;)

  12. Wow, i really love to swim fully clothed, it gives me a great feeling and it's liberating


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