Silent Sunday


  1. Interesting sculpture. It looks like two buildings. Could it be the twin towers?

  2. That's very unusual and unique. Is it a new sculpture? X

  3. I would recommend this course if a few details could be sorted out.So
    far there are at least 20 english words that have to be pronounced in
    an Indian English way in order for me to proceed. I resent having to
    practise English in this way. I should be learning Hindi, not to say Hi,
    belt, shirt, pants, skirt, dress, flat, dining room, hat, and many
    other english words. My points are docked when I say Namaste when the
    course thinks I should be saying Hi.This is the only Hindi course where I have been forced to practise Indian english and it is very disappointing.


  4. No idea, lol Just saw it in a park and thought it looked cool!

  5. Looks like it, but I'd doubt it - it's on the seafront at Limassol in Cyprus.


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