Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The shoes of summer

I have an usual confession to make, not only do I not like clothes shopping..... I hate shoes...and unlike clothes I don't even really like them if someone else did the shopping for me!  I own a fair few pairs of shoes, I think less than Aaron though, and I never even wear most of them.  I've got a few nice pairs but I hate wearing shoes that hurt and I'm more rubbish than ever at walking in heels since having Leo than I was in the first place.

I have spent most of the last two years in cheap flip flops, (a very good reason to move to Cyprus that hadn't initally occurred to me!) and it seems Leo has developed a similar tastes in his attachment to these....

With the exception of maybe two occasions Leo has worn nothing else since about April, you cannot get him into anything else for love nor money (or chocolate!)  It's fine, they sort of go with most outfits and my life is too short to get into discussions about which shoes to wear.   The thing is how MUCH he loves them - the first thing he usually says upon meeting anyone, whether he knows them or not is  "Got Crocs on"  accompanied by lifting up one foot to proudly display them.   He literally bounces around with excitement when we are about to go out shouting "Crocs on, crocs on yeah"

The only problem (but he does seem to be getting a bit better) is the fact he cries when he gets sand or dirt in them as it feels horrible on his feet, so therefore will not walk on sand, gravel, or dusty roads, all of which there are lots of around here!

This weeks Gallery prompt is 'Shoes'  hence the random subject matter for this post - I'm so pleased though that it will remind me in years to come of the 'summer of the Crocs'


  1. my son loves his crocs too - they've last 2 summers, which is brilliant, as none of his other shoes last longer than 3 months! 

  2. I used to wear crocs when pregnant as they were the most comfortable shoes a swollen footed person could wear!! Yay to crocs lol

  3. I am like you about shoes.  Might have to investigate crocs after you little one's recommendation

  4. Don't like shoes and don't like clothes shopping?!? I feel like I don't know you any more..... wanders off shaking head!!
    LOL, just kidding because I love shoes! And love shoe shopping. And even after having a baby I'm still very good at walking in heels. Just a shame I don't get to wear them that often any more!
    And thumbs up to crocs for kids. My daughter loves hers and they're just so great for the summer especially the beach. I can see why Leo wants to live in them!

  5. Both my girls love their crocs and have a few different pairs each :)

  6. I *want* to like shoes but I've always had big feet (which are 1/2 a size different!) and buying them is a pain. I love the look of heels but never really mastered the art of walking in them!

  7. I'll have to get some more as they won't do next year too :(


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