Flashback Friday

One of the things we are trying to teach Leo at the moment is how to ask for things without whining. I know whining tends to come naturally to a 2 yr old but we're starting to get there slowly, with a little prompting he has started to change the whine (you know the tone of voice!) into 'Peease can I have sausage and pasta peease Mummy' or 'Leo like to watch Thomas now peease Mum'

It only seems like yesterday that he was smearing food over his face (oh wait, that was yesterday) and learning that there was a lot more exciting things than milk.

I decided when he was very small that 'Baby led Weaning' was the way forward. I had a few doubts at first, and endlessly stressed about what I should feed him or whether I 'should' be pureeing and spoon feeding.  At the time I didn't have internet access which I found really hard, I'd previously spent a long time reading though the Baby led weaning site and couldn't use it when I needed it most.

In the end it seemed that Leo decided for me, he refused point blank to eat from a spoon when I gave it a try (admitedly probably a half-hearted try!)  So, off we went BLW it was. I was kind of glad I was not in the UK, we'd only just arrived in Cyprus and there was no-one to judge the decision or make me doubt myself, although I did plenty of that myself.

Looking back though I'm glad I did it, I think - if I had another baby I'd probably introduce some stuff a little earlier - when I felt the baby was ready rather than sticking rigidly to the 'not before 6 months rule' and I'd try them with a spoon.  I did worry a bit about him not getting enough food but I'd be much happier second time round and have more faith it would be all ok.

It was brilliant though watching him discover all the new types of food, well, maybe except weetabix!


  1. I know, my sofa has never been the same since - I still can't believe how far he could spread it!

  2. Omg weetabix!! I have that to come again very soon!, it just doesn't come off things easily does it? Lovely photos of Leo - he looks so differnt. I didn't try BLW I was worried about choking and him not eating enough. Great flashback xx

  3. Brilliant! I hoped to escape the stage of having food smeared everywhere by going down the route of purees with a few finger foods introduced alongside them. But now, at 15 months old, my boy is determined to feed himself with the spoon . . . or his hands. We have had several incidents of mashed potato or weetabix smeared EVERYWHERE including in his hair! I think that BLW is great for some families and it really does depend on how your baby wants to do it! I'm glad it has been such a success for you x

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  5. It was in the end, wish I hadn't bothered worrying about it so much looking back!

  6. I did have a few doubts about choking but the info on it all made so much sense. babyledweaning.com was a great help to me, worth a look even if you are mainly pureeing as they will be on 'proper' food sooner or later!

  7. Oh god the Weetabix is murder to clean up isn't it? As I have 2 older children and back then you started weaning with yoghurt and apple puree at 4 months I didn't wait for the rigid 6 month rule. I also used BLW but must admit I also added other things along the way. I just wanted them to eat happily and it seems to have worked.
    Good luck!

  8. Bless you! That's adorable! I will do the same with our Bebe #2! Ella was born when BLW was just starting to become more of an option (again) so I actually didn't do much of that with her but we most definitely will with #2. Thanks for sharing again for Flashback Friday! You're a star! ;)


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