Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A happy moment

There are hundreds of random happy moments in life, some are very obvious like a blowing out birthday candles or attending a wedding but some just pass by in the blink of an eye without really being recorded to memory to look back on in later years.

In 1995 I was 17 and didn't always realise how happy I was, I left college and didn't have any sort of plan. I worked in a supermarket and spent many hours with my friend Sarah sitting around chatting, often moaning about our un-exciting lives and trying to come up with a plan or find some nice men.  Ideas we discussed (with no real plan of doing them) were going to America to be au-pairs or getting a job on a cruise ship! Of course we did neither of those things, we continued going to the pub and generally being bored.

I've said for years that looking back 1995 was one of my favourite years, we had no responsibilities and we didn't go to college much so we pretty much just faffed around. I didn't appreciate it at the time as much as I should. 

Except on one day,
Sarah and I along with Aaron and another old friend went to Camber Sands for the day. It was the 8th of October.  We wandered along the beach, ate and drank and played frisbee. I hated playing games as I was self concious, and unfit so I walked off through the sand dunes and sat down to watch.  I still don't really know what it was about the day but as I sat looking out to see I thought that it was a perfect moment. So perfect in fact that I should remember it forever.

Randomly in that pre-digital era I even had a camera...

It was really very warm for October and I was amazed at our luck of having chosen to go the the beach on a warm sunny day at that time of year. I watched the others running around and messing about and everything seemed good. I sat there pondering whatever random stuff was going through my head and vowed to never forget that moment, I hoped the photo would come out and do it justice. I wondered if I really would remember it or if I'd forget it like millions of other moments which pass. I wondered if in many years to come I'd still look back and remember sitting on that beach. I hoped I would so I vowed not to forget.

The spell was broken when the others called to see what I was doing but the moment stayed with me, I never said anything to them, they'd probably have thought I was crazy! 

On the way home I sat next to Aaron in the back of the car after a while he reached across and held my hand. It was the very start of our relationship, a few days later we became an official couple.

Written for this weeks Gallery, the prompt was 'A happy moment'


  1. Love your memory and the photo. It can take time for us to realise how special a moment was!

  2. Awww what a lovely memory I can see why it is A happy one! You have been together s long time haven't you? Xx

  3. I have a moment that I remember when I was six, thinking I will remember this moment always. And I have even though it is 42 years ago now. I still can't get over how that time has gone (and how much of it I wasted).

  4. What a beautiful happy memory xxx

  5. That's the amazing thing isn't it - such a cliché but time really does fly!

  6. Oh such a lovely account of a simple but such a significant moment, how brilliant to know you have been able to stick together all this time - a fantastic achievement that we don't give ourselves much credit for!

  7. OMG, such a lovely post and the ending sublime.
    My Gallery thing on the Kate on Thin Ice blog is a bit like yours about actually knowing that a moment was signficant

  8. Oh that is completely gorgeous! How romantic and perfect.

  9. What an amazing story.  How perfect you still have the photo after all these years to go with it. What a heartwarming read to start the day with!

  10. how funny! I had a moment like that in Spring, at the same place! I was writing about it here

  11. Ahh so sweet, we were at Camber last October for my sons birthday and it was really beautful then too. Mich x


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