Games night

Officially my idea of a brilliant evening includes lots of drinking dancing and coming home at silly o'clock in the morning but coming in a very close second is a good old games night, it's much cheaper, and you're not likely to lose your handbag and get sore feet. (although it doesn't guarantee you won't still have a fuzzy head in the morning!)

Saturday night was BBQ and Game night, and we had some games to try out courstesy of TACTIC games

First up was Dotto - a race against time to match the coloured dice to the patterns on the card.  On initially reading the instructions we thought it it looked a bit dull but how wrong we were!  It actually turned out to be mine and my Mum's favourite.   The timer is unpredictable so you have no idea who will get buzzed and it is hilarious as everyone starts getting a bit competitive, and addition of 'skip' and 'reverse' cards mean it can be your turn at any time!

We all loved it, it is aimed at age 7 and up, but Aaron and I (both clearly thinking we are still 18) think it would make a great drinking game for an adult evening, substitute the tokens which you lose when you get buzzed out for shots to drink and you are onto a great night!

Next up was Roll for Gold a game which on first reading the rules we did not understand at all, we wondered how a 7 year old would get it but quickly realised they'd probably get it quicker than we did!  We played it through twice and the second time it all clicked into place (and now I'm not sure why it took us so long!)  I would say it's more of a family game than one for either just children or adults, which is great - I look forward to the day we can play things like this with Leo. 

The aim is to be the player with the highest score when the treasure is revealed by a throw of the dice, it's a good game for sneakily teaching your children maths!  We felt it was a bit slow to start and I think it would be improved by having 6 people to play, but all in all very enjoyable. 

After a slight pause for cake and to refill the glasses we moved onto Draco - a nice simple game with lovely wooden pieces. The idea is to hit another dragon and take the pieces to increase your own - great, even we could understand this one!  I found it quite difficult to shoot the pieces the way it tells you to, but this could be modified with younger players (unless they are playing with Aaron, who doesn't like deviation from rules!)

The downside is the amount of time you spend getting up and retrieving the pieces when they don't quite go as planned!  

Last but not least we tried Faquir, this one completely divided us - Mum and I did not like it and Dad and Aaron LOVED it!   The description says you need "Perceptive thinking, some light strategic thinking and a dash of luck"   It has similarities to chess (another game that gives me a headache!) and really makes you think. The idea is to be the first to lay the coloured pegs so your 'Faquir' card can fit onto the board, whilst laying them you have to be aware what the other players are doing and try and stop them in the process.

Although I wasn't a fan personally I can see the appeal, and I can totally understand why they liked it, I can see them battling it out over this game for a long time to come!

All these games can be brought online at Carousel Toy Shop.

Games were provided for the purpose of review, I received no other payment for this post and all the opinions are my (and my families) own. Thank you to for providing me with the opportunity to review these products.


  1. love the different slant on a family game night, adults only and games changed accordingly. just wonder how you managed to get all 4 games to review?

  2. I'm not sure either, they just arrived!


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