Friday, 16 September 2011

Flashback Friday - Antiqua

This time five years ago Aaron and I were in Antigua....

It was a lovely holiday, well except for the time I spent in hospital on a drip after getting concussion after fainting on the first night that is!. We went on great excursions, drank lovely cocktails and watched the sun go down every evening but most importantly....

My friend Sarah got married

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary to a lovely couple!


  1. It looks gorgeous... Glad the time spent in hospital did not spoil the memory!

  2. Wow Antiga ! I bet that was amazing. Poor you though for ending up in hospital - sure your fainting wasn't alcohol induced?? Lol xx

  3. I LOVE Flashback Friday it's a linky that is me all over!

  4. Believe it or not it really wasn't. Everyone says that, that can't be a good thing lol.

  5. Bless, that's so lovely! What a wonderful place to get married! Sorry you had to experience the hospital though! Ouch!

    Thanks for taking part in Flashback Friday again lovely. You are a great supporter! ;)



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