Monday, 19 September 2011

Cyprus information on the web.

Although our decision to move to Cyprus was quite a random one, and most of the moving process was fairly painless, in fact in many ways easier than buying our house in the UK was, the reality of moving abroad goes much deeper than just shipping your belongings and getting on a plane.

Settling in a new country is not as easy as moving down the road, or even to the other end of the country. You have language barriers, different procedures for many things such as claiming child benefit or visiting the doctors, you need to get your bearings and there are so many things to learn.

I spent a long time searching the internet trying to find as much information as humanly possible, there is a wealth of information out there but it can be hard to find. Many sites are now out of date, or only aimed at tourists, or those looking to retire and finding out the every day stuff is hard work!

There are several helpful sites out there though,
Cyprus Eastern Forum is an endless source of info (and often quite a few moans but you can ignore them) as it is a forum for all those living or visiting the East of the island. There is much more info to be found on Paphos and the west so it's nice to see a site dedicated to our end.

Angloinfo Cyprus  - a global expat network covers many countries, not just Cyprus. This has tons of really helpful info on it as well as forums, classifieds and some really good bloggers  :)

Mums in Cyprus - this is a great site, started last year and is getting bigger all the time. This is the site I would have loved to have started had Carine not got there first!  - a personal site run by a couple who brought a holiday home back in 2004. It's a really helpful little site with lots of interesting info on it.

Facebook - ah, my 2nd favourite obsession!  Not only is it great for keeping up with the gossip from the UK it was a great help in making new friends when we arrived. There are many facebook pages on local businesses and it's a really easy way to share information with each other.

I'm sure there are plenty more - if you know of any please leave me the web address in the comments section, I'm still always looking for new information, you can never know too much!

I was not asked to endorse any of the mentioned websites, I have just shared those I have found useful.

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