Monday, 8 August 2011

I'm a local expert!

Did you know, I'm a local expert.....  look, I've got a badge to prove it!
easyJet Holidays to Ayia Napa

When we started looking into moving to Cyprus it seemed that everything centred around Paphos and the west coast. Not only is it a very popular tourist destination it also has a huge ex-pat comunity and so everyone assumed we would want to go there. 

It's something that bugs me as the East coast has just as much to offer, so when Easyjet invited me to write a piece about 'our' side of the island I couldn't resist.

Agia Napa is often thought of as THE place to go in the east, and then only for the hard core clubbers (it is known as being second to Ibiza as a party town to be fair) but there is more to it than bright lights and fishbowl cocktails. Not only that but there are other lovely resorts here to.  

You can see my brief low down on the East coast of Cyprus here.....

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  1. Congratulations Emma for getting to write for easy jet. You are right there is so much going on elsewhere on the island. Best Wishes Jackie


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