Thursday, 18 August 2011

If not now, When?

Back in February I was getting really stressed with Leo's constant refusal to drink anything other than milk and only drinking out of a bottle. I realised that we would work it out eventually and he wouldn't be still doing in months to come but I had no idea how to go about it.  I thought I'd end up forgetting what a nightmare it was and how much I worried about it but not so much - I remember it all!

In the end I cut the top of one of the teats on his bottle, which made a really big hole and told him it was broken. He wouldn't drink from it happily as the drink came out too fast. I gave him a new cup and we went 'cold turkey'  For one day I offered the 'broken' bottle then only the new cup in case he decided it was ok to drink out of a bigger hole in the teat  It all ended up working very well and only took a couple of days for it not to be a problem at all. !

I still don't know if it was the way I went about it or if it was a timing thing as I had been trying different ways for several months. I wish I knew....

Now we are fast approaching potty training time, or maybe (according to the many different lists explaining when that time is) we are already there. I wonder now if again am I not approaching it the right way or if he actually isn't properly ready yet.

Back in June, Jenny (Mummy Mishaps) and myself hosted a Potty training Carnival - 'Going Potty' and through that I read lots of potty training posts and tips, and since then it seems that many of my fellow bloggers are in full training mode.

I always said I'd not force the issue and I'd wait until some sort of sign to start, except I have no idea what I'm looking / waiting for. All my 'Mum friends' suddenly trained their kids several months ago and it looked pretty easy for most of them (the kids are about 6 months older than Leo) but it just looks like an impossible task to me!

I admit I'm not the most relaxed when there is a nappy free toddler running around. I don't know why, as I have marble floors and a 10 quid rug which I don't eve like so I shouldn't be worried about that. He's had very little nappy free time in his life so recently we done a little bit.

He will sit on the potty with a nappy on but not with one off, he won't sit on the toilet at all. I don't know whether to stick him in pants and get on with it or wait.... for something.

Ah, I may have just answered my own question.... think I'm just putting it off now. I'll start tomorrow next week then....


  1. The best advice I can give you is to give it a go and if he doesn't "get" it then stop and try again a few weeks later. I really believe that there's no point trying until they're ready, it just gets the child and the parent stressed. I was so worried about potty training my daughter but when she was ready it just kind of clicked into place and she was trained within a week. Good luck!!

  2. Does Leo tell you when he has done a poo? Burton tells me msost of the time but weeing I think he has no control over as he wees in the bath/shower happily! If you think Leo isn't ready then wait dont rush into it if he isn't else it might cause problems.
    I havent started either - I read the Gina Ford list that TheBoyandMe posted and Burton can do those things, so I must start soon myself! Aaarrrghhh! If you want to wait and we do it together I am thinking of starting next month?? Xxx


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