Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Guest post - It's all about the Photos

Way back in my early days of blogging one of the first blogs I started reading was It's all about the photos, being a bit a a photo fan (but not great photographer) myself I've been reading ever since.  I love the simplicity of her blog and the fact that it is literally 'all about the photos'

I asked if she would be kind enough to guest post for me, and as so many ex-pat Brits (but not me this year) make a hasty exit from Cyprus during August I thought I'd see if she could find me a little bit of my old home.

I'll hand you over to Photopuddle.....

When Emma asked me to do a guest post for her I was thrilled as I love reading her blog. She’s asked me to show you a picture which says “English Summer”. 

West Wittering

I wanted to use one of my own photos and it was actually really hard to decide on which one. I was very close to using one I took of tea and scones but I thought that might be a little stereotypical. I also thought about using one I’d taken in Brighton as I just love taking photos there. And of course I could have used one of my little girl splashing in puddles as this summer England has seen rather too much rain for my liking.

In the end I opted for this one. It’s one I took on the beach at West Wittering in Sussex last summer and I love it. I think it really does say English summer. You don’t get beach huts quite like that anywhere else and this one is so pretty. The beach is beautiful too. So many beaches in the South East are pebbly so it’s lovely to discover one that’s sandy. It’s not that pebbly beaches aren’t beautiful because they are, but it’s just the nicest feeling being barefoot on a sandy beach. 

And what I think most sums up the British summer here is that it doesn’t look like it’s a blistering hot day – it’s just a nice, pleasant day. So many British summers are simply warm rather than hot, hot, hot. And you know what, that’s just perfect.


  1. Love the photo, it really does sum up an 'English Summer'.

  2. Hi there,

    I'm following your blog now, mainly because of your 101 list.  I just started my own, so if you're so inclined, I hope you'll check my site out.  I love to get new readers, and love to hear from them.

    I hope you like my list, and I hope that I hear from you soon.

  3. Lovely post, makes me nostalgic for home.  Nowhere is quite like 'home', as nice as it can be.

  4. That is a lovely photograph. It does indeed epitomise the portrayal of a British summer.

    CJ xx


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