Friday, 26 August 2011

Flashback Friday - This parrot is deceased!

Since I've been on a bit of an ongoing theme this month with my Hen night / Hen weekend and Wedding related flashbacks I thought it would be nice to end on one from our honeymoon.

We spent two weeks in the gorgeous Moon Palace resort in Cancun, Mexico. It was the best hotel we've stayed in by far, although the most expensive so that kind of explains it! The rooms were amazing.... jacuzzi at the end of the bed, all inclusive mini bar with optics in the room, etc etc.

I've been trawling through the photos, as usual there are so many to choose from. We went on fantastic excursions, and swam with dolphins and took many photos of the lovely pools and views we saw. One thing we did come across a lot though were parrots....

A very nice photo, but this has got to be the best...

We showed a friend of our this photo on our return and Aaron said "These parrots are dead" she looked at us amazed and said in complete horror how awful it was that we were actually holding dead parrots. We then had to explain and she had no idea what we were talking about!

Please tell me you know what we are talking about or else hang your head in shame!

(if you really don't know what I'm talking about then off you go, Wikipedia will help you out!)


  1. Makes me think of that famous Monhy Python dead parrot gag!!
    I bet itvwas a wonderful place to have a honeymoon. Xx

  2. Definitely a touch of the Monty Pythons!!

  3. Lol, I didn't have a clue what the dead parrot thing was...Had to dash over to wikipedia! Lol! Great photo's x

  4. I had to hang my in shame because I had no idea what the dead parrot thing was! Thanks for the wiki link :)
    I went and checked out the dolphin post and wow, it looks like an amazing experience! :)


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