Friday, 12 August 2011

Flashback Friday - My Hen Night

Last week I "flashed back" to my Hen weekend, a school disco weekend at Butlins. Due to my girls' commitments this happened several months before my wedding so obviously I had to have a Hen night as well!

As night's out in my previous life (pre-baby!) go, this was actually one not one that would make 'my top 10 but it was my hen night and therefore quite special.  My bridesmaid and I picked a cabaret night in a local hotel, they had a reputation for being very good (and busy) nights and I had been to several already. I think we may have even booked without knowing the theme.
Me, Mum & Mum in law to be

That would be where we went wrong I think!  It was a Caribbean Night and apart from our group there was only one other, another hen party! The food was not great and due to a lack of people was not the best atmosphere on the dance floor.  Despite this it was still an enjoyable evening, my highlight being the very last song - the DJ started playing "New York, New York" and without thinking I just shouted to him (yes, there were that few people on the dance floor he could here me easily!)   'NO, don't play that!'

Although a bit of a cliche, I wouldn't normally mind but with no more than 10 people on the floor it really wouldn't work! He asked me what to play instead so I said the first thing that came to mind [ Robbie Williams  'Angels'.   Two of my best friends and I then stood, arms round each other singing at the top of our voices in a little huddle. As it ended I remember one of my bridesmaids (she NEVER dances) shaking her head and saying "You lot better not be crying!"

Every time I hear the song now it always reminds me of my random hen night, and my lovely girls.

Posing by a cardboard tree, as you do!


  1. A simply fabulous Flashback! I love it! A great way to go into the weekend...thanks lovely! ;)


  2. Awww what a great endi to your hen night, even if it had nt been the best location to hold it! Still it'd who you are out einthat counts I always thinks, as long as you have fun and special people around you, it will always be a good night! Great photos too xx

  3. Love the fact that you had TWO hen's parties! :o) And you were right to ask for "Angels" instead...

  4. Two hen nights very lucky, sounds like a good night out despite the venue..

  5. Wow two hen nights, lucky girl. I tried singing Angels once to a few bemused Americans, drunk as a skunk when we were in St Pete's it was such a terrible rendition I've never had another go at it solo, only with Robbie nowadays :)

  6. Sue and Alison were very good at the limbo dancing and the steel drums were tested as well, even sounded tuneful!! Everyone made it a good evening. Pity we did not get served fish and chips instead!!

  7. Well, it would have been rude not to, the Mum's didn't come away for the 1st one :)


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