Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3

It's been a while (again!) since I've joined in with Michelle's Reasons to be cheerful and although this week I've not been feeling all that cheerful I thought I'd attempt to find reasons to be cheerful where it doesn't seem like there are any!

First of all the main thing is that our family and friends are safe and well and were not badly affected by Monday's explosion at the Evangelos Florakis Naval base  which was a huge disaster for Cyprus. 

We are having twice daily power cuts and will have for maybe up to a year!  We should save a fortune on our electric bill and it means I can't waste as much time on Twitter/Facebook/etc 

Leo has arrived in the 'terrible two's' with a vengeance - but just when I could cheerfully throttle him he does something amazing cute and/or clever and I am (trying) not wishing him to grow up too soon as I know it will happen before I know it really.

It's HOT, HOT, HOT  (I know, I moved to Cyprus, I wanted hot weather and I do honestly but for some reason (maybe no air-con!) this week it is really getting to me) - I hate the rain and cold with a passion, and I can't stand unpredictable weather, it's going to be sunny for months yet so I don't have to try and plan outfits and days out around possible rain!

I have a bad back - umm, I'm struggling to find a decent reason to be cheerful about this one to be honest! Maybe I can get out of sweeping and mopping for a while, that would make me cheerful :)

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart


  1. It was such a terrible accident, Emma!
    Beleive me, here in Athens it's hot as well...

  2. glad that you are managing to turn things to positives

  3. You are same as me this week. Not been a good week so thereaputic to find the good things. Hope your back gets better soon.

  4. At least you are trying to find reasons to be cheerful, the other week I couldn't even find the words to write anything.  Here is hoping that next week is a better one x

  5. I guess one Reason to be Cheerful is that by the sound of things, things can only get better.  Sending magic your way and hoping you have huge cause to smile next week

  6. I was thinking yesterday that it is probably the days when you can't find any reasons to be cheerful that you should do it. It was my first one this week and I did feel better writing about good things. 
    Hope your back is better. 

  7. i injured my knee and got really depressed to the point i didn't want to be around anyone and i cried all the time. I was doing really well with losing weight, exercise and improving my endurance. Well, my knee injury has taught me not to take my knees fro granted, how to improve my leg strength without having to go to a gym, and the physical therapy is giving me a good head start to getting back on track and picking up where I left off. Well, I feel like that most days now... I do have my bad days and still cry. Bad backs suck, as I have that problem too but be good to yourself, relax when your body tells you to and try not to let it get you down. I really need to follow my own advice but it is hard to do. 

  8. Loving your efforts to be cheerful! Bad back defiately menas lots of nice rest on the sofa!

    Mich x


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