It's all Greek to me - My first 'proper' conversation!

It's two weeks since I received my Rosetta Stone Greek program  and it's going really well. I have made an effort to spend regular time working through the lessons and I'm loving every minute. Last week I started using the online features which are new to Version 4 and I even took part in an live online session with a native speaker in my first ever 'Studio session'

Included with the software is 3 months subscription to the online features, which include stories and games to play with other learners as well as live online lessons. As you progress through the course more options open up to help you learn in new ways.

I booked my first studio session not really knowing what to expect, and I was a little nervous! The session lasts 50 minutes and it was so much fun the time just flew by. I joined another learner and the online coach Maria and the session ran in a similar way to the standard lessons - various photos are shown on screen and you talk about what you can see in the pictures, the difference being is that it is much more interactive.
Despite living in Cyprus for over 18 months, and attending Greek lessons in the UK it was the most Greek I have ever spoken. As you are interacting with a native speaker all the conversation is in Greek where as when you are talking to someone whose first language is English you tend to automatically revert back to what you know best. 
After my first session , I agree that it is true - the BEST way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it and just jump right in. My only disappointment with it is the lack of studio sessions available at convenient times for me. It seems that most of the sessions available to book are very late in the evening or in the middle of the night! I managed to get one for 4pm on a Sunday but the next two I have been able to book are 11pm on a Saturday and 4pm on a Sunday two weeks later. 

Despite that I am still looking forward to my next one and it has definitely motivated me to continue working frequently so I will hopefully do a bit better next time!

*This is not a sponsored post, I have been sent the language course to review but have not received any other compensation, the views and opinions are all my own.


  1. Good luck - or maybe I should say 'Καλή τύχη'?

  2. Hearing you talk to Maria on line, during your Greek lesson was very impressive. Well done.

  3. It sounds like you are really doing well and enjoying it. Awesome! I have really wanted to learn a third language. First i'd have to pick one. I was thinking either dutch or german. 

  4. That's great Emma! Keep up the good work! Jumping right in is indeed the best way to learn a foreign language. Experimenting with some every day conversation with the locals will boost your confidence too! Καλή συνέχεια!

  5. Thank you, I'll certainly be using the printables from your blog to help Leo (and me!) learn more.xx

  6. Go for it! What are your first and second languages?


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