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Way back as far as I can remember I've wanted to travel, and I've always been fascinated by 'abroad',  from family holidays to Spain to my years working in a Travel Agents I've usually wanted to be 'somewhere else'

Saying that I never wanted to 'go travelling' in the shove your belongings into a backpack and buy a one way ticket. Although I don't insist on 5 star luxury (would be nice but not essential) I do like to ensure I always have  a little more than the very basics! I've been very lucky over the years to have had some great holidays in several destinations, Mexico, Antigua, Cuba, Ibiza, Egypt to name a few. (The travel agent job had some advantages!)  

Of course it wasn't the travelling bit that I liked, it was the bit where you are actually somewhere else, so after buying our one way tickets to Cyprus travel was no longer the first thing on my mind. Leo and I did travel though last year - we went back to the UK for 3 weeks.

When you travel you get to experience lots of new things...

He got to go on a train for the first time (no trains in Cyprus)
Play in a garden with grass!

Play on carpeted floors,

Wear jeans and long sleeve tops in August!

and be massively unimpressed with the local beach 

I'm looking forward to taking him back when he's a little older and can understand a lot more. There are so many places we want to show him!


  1. That is so unusual that your travel is in reverse now. What was once home is now foreign so to speak. it is interesting to look at it like that through your son's eyes. Thought provoking. x

  2. My husband is Brit n I am Greek. We lived in the UK till I was pregnant at which point we moved to Greece for 2 years. We ve been back to London for almost a year now. Our little one will turn 3 this October. When we came back to the UK it was all so adventurous for him! Next week we are going to Greece for our holiday and I am curious to see what he remembers and which bits he ll have to discover all over again!
    And like you are saying, it won't be the Acropolis! It will probably be little things like I don't know...walking barefoot on pebbles. We ll have to see! :)

  3. He doesn't look impressed with the long sleeves in August either! To be fair I am very unimpressed with the British weather right now.
    When he's older he's going to find visiting the UK so fascinating. 

  4. It's great that you have used The Gallery to do your travel back to the UK.  
    Great that Leo got to experience all these amazing things.  One of my best friends emigrated to Oz about 6 years ago and she is due back here for a month in August with her little boy - I can't wait as I've not seen them for a couple of years.


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