Flashback Friday - Our last holiday

Four years ago this month Aaron and I had our first holiday in Cyprus!

It was a slightly unusual holiday as we were seeing everything through different eyes than the average tourist was, for our holiday destination was also to be our new home.  We stayed in an apartment (well 2 apartments in total as one flooded and we had to move!) in Kapparis about 10 minutes drive from our apartment.

It was a great holiday and a never to be repeated one! Along with our usual holiday activities,  sunbathing, swimming  eating lots and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, we explored and even went to Ikea! It was very strange thinking that one day (we didn't know exactly when at the time) we would be living here all the time. We had brought our laptop over so we could send back photos to my parents of the area and the apartments being built and there was one thing that will always stick in my mind...

I was sitting at the pool bar checking my emails and facebook and saw a photo from the night before of one of my best friends 30th birthday party, it was all 'my girls' standing in a line, the standard photo that always got taken at every event and I wasn't in it. It did bring a tear to my eye as I realised that soon that would always be the case as I wouldn't be there to join in. I suddenly felt like I was a long long way from home!

It was a very chilled holiday, especially looking back as it was just the two of us and I had a feeling that it would be our last as a couple before the arrival of a little one!

One night we sat on the balcony drinking (lots) playing cards, listening to music and talking about what it would be like living here, we realised it was late/early only when we saw the sun come up!

It seems funny to think that you can almost see my best friends house from the apartment we stayed in!


  1. Awww, that is a beautiful memory sad in places and happy in others. You know I couldn't do an all-nighter anymore, I'm such a light weight these days and like my sleep too much
    Lovely memory and thank goodness you love it out there

  2. I enjoyed reading your memories. I can relate, as I live in a different country now as well. I love it, but yes, sometimes an event happens and you wish you could have been there. The toughest one for me was when a friend died of cancer and I did not manage to see her one last time. xx

  3. What a bitter sweet post. I used to go to Cyprus every year as a kid. It's a beautiful country. You're very lucky to be living there!


  4. It's a brave decision to up sticks and move away leaving friends and family behind. You both did so well to go for it, and now you are living in a beautiful country with those you love near by :) xx

  5. I have holiday envy.....

    Great post Mrs x

  6. Is that my house? Am I your best friend? :) Bet if you'd have known I was gunna be that close you would have ran away lol! Great piece, as normal! xx

  7. Lovely memories Emma - even though you experienced some sadness from your realisation you were going to be a long way from 'home' eventually x

  8. Now I guess you are making new memories in Cyprus. Do you plan to stay there *forever*?

    I went back to Scotland for a quick visit last week. It's really strange going back. And after 8 years in Germany, I really do feel like Germany is home.

  9. Yes, I'd never say never as I didn't think I'd ever move abroad in the first place but we have no plans to move out of Cyprus at all.

  10. Amazing! Obviously that trip really SOLD Cyprus for you. Thanks so much for sharing again lovely! ;)



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