Flashback Friday - Heaven & Hell

It's no secret that we love our parties, and especially the fancy dress ones...

Four years ago we had what is alternately referred to as the best and worst party we have ever had  After a couple of very successful parties in a hired hall in a local hotel we decided to pull out all the stops for a birthday party for Aaron. We decided it HAD to be fancy dress and decided to give it a theme.

Heaven & Hell
The cake
So much had been said about the previous parties amongst our crowd of friends at the time that we thought it would be huge, we hired a bigger room, got a DJ and made a ton of food....

Unfortunately along with the fact the some of our 'friends' can be a bit fickle and don't always do what they say they will, the day of the party was the day England got knocked out of the world cup. From the moment we lost the phone did not stop ringing with people telling us they were not coming as they were too depressed/drunk in a pub too far away to travel (WTF? - How were they coming if we'd won!) and many other random reasons.

BUT, forgetting the fact that in a hall which would hold 200 people we only had about 25 and the fact that it had now become a very expensive night out, it was the most brilliant night!

My 'gorgeous' hubby!
Due to the small number of people who were really good friends, and the excellent DJ who read the crowd like a book and played the best music ever we danced like we've never danced before! I have some fantastic photos but sadly most are not suitable for sharing! In fact it was on this night that I have one of my funniest ever photos.... a friend of mine dancing in his boxer shorts (in his defence it was the hottest day of the year and there was no air-conditioning in the room!) holding aloft a bottle of champagne, I don't think he'd appreciate me sharing it with the world though!

Even Aaron danced, and he had always said that 'hell would freeze over before he did' 

My Fallen angel outfit!


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  2. A bittersweet post, damn those drunkard friends and thier fickle ways but what a fantastic outfit you are both wearing, Aaron's is particularly good.
    Still can't believe they all let you down like that - terrible!
    Great Flashback Friday

  3. Wowe, makes me feel bad!  I am useless at parties and get all stressed over nothing! Mich x

  4. Awwww what a shame so many were in no fit state to attend! But sounds like you had a fantastic time anyway...love the costumes! Fab! x

  5. Bloody football!, I would have been well pi**ed off it my friends used that as an excuse not to come!
    Glad you had a great time anyway and you both look very naughty ;)

  6. That sucks that friends did that even though they said they were coming but it looks like they missed out on a great party! x

  7. They did indeed, and they were very disappointed afterwards that they had missed a good night - not that we had any sympathy!

  8. I did think about going for a 'heaven' costume but I probably couldn't have carried it off as well!

  9. No no no, parties are great - just invite nice people (hope they turn up!) and let them get on with it, not worth stressing over :)


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