D is for dancing.... and drinking!

I debated over what to use in this next post in my series of A to Z posts. Originally I thought 'D is for dogs', I've grown up with dogs in my life but have blogged about them before, both my own dog and those I grew up with .
It was a hen night, hence the flowers!

So instead I'm going with another love of mine.... Dancing, oh and drinking as they go together oh so well.

Not 'proper' dancing as in ballroom or ballet but real 'several beers later, singing your head off on the dance floor dancing'
Back in the day when babysitters were not required and Aaron and I used to both go out, at the same time I was usually to be found on the dance floor while he propped up the bar. (He doesn't DO dancing except in fancy dress and then only once) which was actually a great arrangement as it meant it was easy to get another drink :)

I've had many many amazing nights out before Leo came along and it's probably the main thing I miss about my young, free and 'not so single but it doesn't stop a good night out' days.  It's just not the same when you can't spend the following day on the sofa in recovery (known in our house as 'Top Gear Days' due to endless episodes of the program on 'Dave' when neither of us could be bothered to find anything else to watch).

Aaron doesn't understand why I long to dance and drink the night away, (well he gets the drinking bit) in noisy drunken crowds of people and end up eating a greasy burger on a bench at 4am, to be honest nor do I but I remember it being a whole lot of fun!

OK, so it means you look like this but it was a great night!
The photos were taken on what is now referred to as The Last Night Out, it was my friends hen night and a great evening which due to meeting up with the stags at the end of the night and then a small group of us going back to the couple's house afterwards was a very long night! It also happened to be the last night I had out drinking before getting pregnant just a few weeks later, a very good night to end the pre-mummy drinking days on!
( I had done a pregnancy test before going out just in case as I predicted it might be a drunken one!)


  1. the 2nd pre-pregnancy drunken flashback friday post I've seen this week!
    I only do the dancing bit when I've had a few too...down to my 2 left feet that seem to be a bit more co-ordinated whilst under the influence.
    A hen night wouldn't be a hen night without a string of something around your neck!

  2. Carefree dancing eh? Long time ago for me, now I get on the dancefloor with two little hands holding mine so not quite the same really.
    Lovely flashback and nice groovy moves :)

  3. Ahhhh those days are gone my friend, those days are gone! Well for me anyway ! I have so many happy and hazy memories of drunken nights out sooooo many - happy days! Yo look like you know how to p a r t y!! Great post and photos xx

  4. Looks like fun...I love the pre-night out pregnancy test idea! x

  5. I know what you mean, and not just aboutu drinking and dancing but life in general.... pre kids it was just so indescribably different.  sometimes i really long for those days :)

  6. I love nights out dancing. In fact I'm not so fussed about drinking when I'm off dancing in fact I prefer not to drink too much at clubs. 

  7. I knew how much I was likely to be drinking!


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