Saturday, 4 June 2011

Listography - Decisions

The listography this week has been inspired by Christine Mosler who made the very admirable decision to travel to Mozambique to raise awareness of Save the Childrens "No child born to die' campaign. In her honour Kate is asking us to share the 'Top 5 Decision's We're Glad We Made'

I'm terrible about making decisions, but strangely it's the little ones that cause me the most problems...
What to eat, what to wear, whether to watch a film or not, I could go on and on. But looking back I've made some massive decisions with much less debate!

Off the top of my head I can't think of any really bad decisions I've made to do with anything important, I won't give it much more thought in case I do and then I'll be annoyed!

The best decisions I've ever made....

1. Moving to Cyprus, it's only a small exaggeration if I said I've spent longer deciding on an outfit  but moving to Cyprus was without a doubt the best one I ever made. If I had thought about it too much I probably would not have had the balls to do it.

2. Joining Slimming World, I was once over 15 stone and without Slimming World I'd probably be even bigger as that was before I'd had Leo. Because of that one decision (which again I just suddenly did without lots of debate) I lost just over 4 stone.

3. Moving to Gravesend, if you know Gravesend I realise this does sound like a strange thing to choose as one of the best decisions I've ever made, but I moved there to live with my ex-boyfriend who is now my husband when really most normal people would have just got on with their lives and found a new one!  Oh, and now I think about it, I decided to do that one afternoon sitting in a pub with said ex-boyfriend/hubby when I had decided to stop seeing him at all and then suddenly he suggested renting a room off him and I said OK and moved out 2 weeks later!

If I had not have moved to Gravesend I do not think I would have ended up marrying him eventually!

4. Dropping out of college - I left college before the end of my course to work full time in a supermarket, not the best career move but the next couple of years were so much fun. The course I was doing was a GNVQ in Leisure and Tourism and I wanted to live in the sun work in the travel industry. Obviously I didn't get the qualification but several years later managed to get a job in a travel agents and therefore didn't need it anyway!

5. Learning to drive - I failed my first test and then on my 2nd  my car wouldn't start so it was cancelled. I was not looking forward to my test at all, convinced I would fail again. I also wanted to learn in an automatic as I thought it would be easier but my Dad wouldn't let me! I passed on my 2nd test (the second 2nd test, first one doesn't count as we didn't even start the car!).

Without my car I wouldn't have been able to live the kind of life I have since I was 18, visiting friends all over the place and having my independence.


  1. Eh before we go on  - your ex-boyfriend offered to rent you a room of his house and you accepted?? Now that's just weird. Other than that great list. Alway jealous of you living in Cyprus whenever I see your profile pic!

  2. Reluctant Housedad9 October 2012 at 20:14

    Great post. Cyprus has always fascinated me but I've never been. My dad did his National Service there and in a fit of son-father sentimentality a few years ago I asked him if he'd like to go on a bonding holiday with me. His answer was direct and to the point: No. I'll get there one day, though

  3. Yes, very weird! Everyone told me I was stupid to do it but I ignored them and although it wasn't all plain sailing we got back together and eventually got married!

  4. A great list! It proves that everything you do happens for a reason!

  5. Brilliant losing all that weight!  I'm trying to shed my extra stone at the moment!  Your life in Cyprus sounds wonderful! x

  6. Gemma_My_Big_Nutshell9 October 2012 at 20:14

    Loving your Gravesend story!

  7. Love the Gravesend story!

    Hope all is going well for you Emma.

  8. Moving to Cyprus really does sounds like an amazingly good decision :)

  9. Great List and well done for losing all that weight! fantastic!


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