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Going Potty - A bloggers guide to Potty Training!

Since Leo was born like most Mothers (I assume!) I have managed to usually find something to be concerned about, from when and where he should sleep, when I should start weaning and with what, how to get him off bottles among many other things I've probably forgotten already. Now we are approaching the time to start potty training and I'm dreading it!

So while on twitter a couple of weeks ago I stared chatting with Jenny from  Mummy Mishaps about how the time was coming for our toddlers to start potty training. A notion which we are both dreading simply because we don't really know what or how to go about doing this for our boys. So we came up with the idea of hosting a Potty Training Carnival - a feature where bloggers who have been through this important toddler development stage, could maybe offer advice of the do's and dont's when it comes to teaching our children how to successfully use a potty.

Thus, Going Potty - the potty training carnival - was born!


The following bloggers have kindly linked up their tales to share with us of the times when they have gone potty or are going potty with their children:

Mellow Mummy Emma updates us on how potty training is going with her daughter and how bribery is working wonders!

Solnushka tells us how she has ventured outside the family home to potty train her son in order to speed up his departure from nappies in preparation for their move to Russia.

Over at Maris World Marianne reveals the trials and tribulations of potty training twins! She has three fab posts - her mission impossible, now the twins are 2 1/2 years old and how she is going potty!

The Moiderer shares how her clever daughter managed to potty train herself in the end after a few stops and starts

Tiddlyompompom has her own ever so helpful guide to potty training which is sure to raise a smile as well as raise some useful tips.


The following bloggers kindly reviewed some of the latest and most innovative potties which are available to buy

TheBoyAndMe, although sceptical to begin with, was won over by the Pourty Potty and over at Ramblings Of A Surburban Mummy this potty was also well received.

Lauren from Real Housewife of Suffolk took her My Carry Potty out and about for her review.

Rachel over at InceyWinceyMum had a lot of fun reviewing the Smart Rewards Potty - a potty which sings no less!


Both Lauren at Real Housewife Of Suffolk and Julie highly recommend the fab Cosy Fit Training Pants (and re-usable - yes thats right re-usable!!)

Carolin from Mummy Alarm reviews the new Dry Like Me Pads


Do you want further information or assistance overcoming potty training problems?
ERIC is a national children's charity that provides support and information to both children and parents on childhood incontinence problems. They also offer help and support with potty training via their potty training web page.
(This charity also worked alongside the creators of the Dry Like Me Pads)

To round up the potty training carnival Jenny has some great giveaways over on her blog - Pop over to Mummy Mishaps to enter :)

Closing Date for give away is Friday 8th July, 2011.
Good luck!


The fab on line baby shop - - which stocks a great selection of potties - including the Pourty Potty, the Smart Rewards Potty and the My Carry Potty (the latter two potties they kindly provided) as well as other potty training related products. is a company set up and run by parents with young children, so they understand the type of products that are useful for a family. -the company behind the innovative and award winning Pourty Potty:the potty that pours and who provided the pourty potty samples. The website also provides information on potty training boys and girls and when it's best to start.

The kind PR people who helped with the Cosy Training Pants and Dry Like Me samples.

The lovely bloggers who took the time to review the products and link up their Going Potty posts.

I'd also like to thank Jenny herself, as without her this Carnival would not have happened at all! Not only was it her idea in the first place but she did the lion's share of the work - I did create the logo (with her photo *ahem*) but due to other commitments that may have slipped my mind a little (you know, it's easy done - only a big bbq party to arrange, hubby's birthday and a friend to stay for the weekend!) I was unable to dedicate as much time to it.

So Thanks Jenny, you're a star    :)  xxx


  1. thanks for this. I am potty training but failing!

  2. Hope it helps you, I have started yet - am very nervous!

  3. I'm about to start potty training.  MC did do a poo on the potty the other day but I think it was very much luck.  This is a great post so thank you SO much! x

  4. Great post hee hee!! Aw thanks for the comment at the end it was still our great idea :) yay xx

  5. Thanks for including my posts,it's nice to have so much info all in one place - let's hope this carnival helps others out there brace the potty mission


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