Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Gallery - My Weekend

Last weekend was a big one in the blogging world - as a blogger you could not have missed all the excitement of Cybermummy, which for the non-bloggers amongst you is the UK's premier conference for all the Mum bloggers  out there. I would have loved to have gone but there was the slight problem of being in the wrong country!

However, it would have meant that I'd have missed not only Aaron's birthday but one of our very best friends coming to stay.

Martin is the only one so far who has come to see us both in Cyprus more than once, this is because he is able to stack up so many air miles he can get free flights loves us and can't bear to not see us once a year :)

Aaron booked some days of work so we all got to spend the whole weekend together, we drank, ate, drank, went to the pool, drank some more.... you kind of get the picture :)  My parents very kindly looked after Leo so we could go to the beach on our own, it was lovely but a little confusing not having to make sandcastles and dig holes, I read a book but Aaron sat looking a little lost for quite a while!

Leo really enjoyed having his 'Cod-farmer' here (Think that one might just stick - sounds much more exciting than Godfather!) and even asked to see him before Daddy yesterday morning!

Monday was Aaron's actual birthday (and I'm still including it as our weekend was four days long) and we went to a favourite pub of ours, again just the 3 of us as my parents babysat again.

It's becoming quite a regular birthday destination as I first went there last year for a friends birthday and then again in October for mine. It's a great pub, with good food and karaoke, and as a friend of ours works there we always end up with a rather large cocktail to share :)

It was a great night, despite the fact I could have ended up emptying the pub by singing karaoke twice, I'm not a great singer but I often seem to forget this fact. I even sang the very first song lured by the free cocktail on offer for the first to get up!

We had a brilliant few days even though I did suffer yesterday with Leo's 6.30am wake up call, it was all worth it and now we just have the problem of trying to explain to Leo that he won't see him again for a while.... he keeps saying 'Martin on airplane, all gone..... come back now?'

To see if I wasn't the only one not at Cybermummy, click the badge above!


  1. AlexanderResidence9 October 2012 at 20:16

    Sounds lovely, what was missing in London though this weekend was you and your lovely beach!  It was scorching, needed the sea to cool off in. Love your dress btw x

  2. Yikes that is a cocktail and a half!!

  3. Blimey that's the biggest cocktail ever - no wonder you suffered with a 6.30am wake up call :D Sounds like a lovely weekend x

  4. Great celebration of friendship and love the cod farmer terminology

  5. Lol got to love a fish bowl cocktail! Glad you had lots of fun and you look great your dress is really nicecxx

  6. Oh my god! I've never seen such cocktails in Cyprus.... scary!

    Emma thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad you found it interesting! Check out the English download, it has loads of ideas on how to teach kids how to write and recognize letters in a fun way.... spaghetti, playdoh, stones, sticks etc :)

    I'm so so glad you'll check out Greek for Kids! Its a great site! Its really going to help Leo!  Are you sending him to a Greek nursery? that will definitely improve his Greek.  Like Emma, we're sending her to an English nursery and even though we don't ever speak to her in English her English is at a native speakers level :)

  7. Stunning pics, I really love your dress.  Mich x

  8. Thank you, I've had it for years and never really had the chance to wear it!

  9. You've obviously never been out drinking in Agia Napa then!

  10. He is going to be called that for ever more now!


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