Monday, 6 June 2011

101 in 1001 - The First 6 months

Since joining up with some Sarsm and some other bloggers completing their own 101 lists I agreed it would be good to join in with their update posts, and as I haven't done one since I started I thought look back over the things I've done so far.

I started my list in July last year, and the first item I completed was to become an official resident of Cyprus. I then had a quite couple of months but ticked off two in one night in October when I sang karaoke on my birthday and went to Car Wash in Agia Napa. I also took Leo to his first Halloween party which was also on the list.

In September we finalized our wills, applied for our VAT rebate and Child benefit all in one go, the first two were quite straight forward but the child benefit was hard work - I think I must have been so stressed about it I couldn't bring myself to blog about that one!

December was another good month for the list as we had a good friend to visit and not only did we visit the church on the hill, we also met up with more friends and went for a traditional Cypriot Meze.I took Leo to see Father Christmas (although it didn't go very well so I'll try again this year!)  Just before Christmas I also completely filled our wine rack.

I think I made a good start last year, I'll let you know how I've been getting on so far this year next week...

If you have a 101 list we'd love you to join us, either link you page to us here or follow us all on Twitter


  1. I'm considering making my own 101 list. I do have a lot i need to accomplish. I hate setting goals though, if I don't meet them I get really upset with myself. Maybe that should be on my list.... start setting goals! :)

  2. What a good idea. I might make my lists in blocks of ten. It will be easier for me to cope with. My friend had a bad time getting her child benefit here, they are not keen on handing over money--lol.

  3. I hope that you've been drinking the wine too ;-)

    I'm really glad you joined us Emma (and I'm really glad I came across the 101 challenge on your blog, it's very rewarding).

    To Kimberly:
    I am trying to achieve as many of my goals as possible, each time I do, money goes in a tin to be opened at the end of the challenge. However, I'm also aware that it may be that I don't complete all of the tasks. I hope I do complete all, but if not, I may well go on and do a second challenge and re-list them!! ;-)

  4. I really admire these lists, I love the idea of making a commitment to 101 things, I've read yours before and been really inspired.  I keep meaning to do my own, but never have the time - maybe soon, maybe soon - you've inspired me again - thank you

  5. Thanks for the update!  It's a great feeling when you complete a task, isn't it?  I'm finding it quite addictive.


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