Monday, 9 May 2011

Listography - Bad Combinations

This week's Listography topic is 'Bad Combinations'  As we have no entered the tourist season in Cyprus there are many bad combinations to be seen everywhere.

Socks and sandals - Do I really need to explain? Why do people do it? In what way do they think it looks good?

Men and speedos - particularly older overweight men but I think no man (yes, that includes David Beckham) looks good in speedos.

Beaches and picnics and toddlers - sounds like a good idea but it is impossible not to end up with crunchy sandwiches. 

Sun and holiday makers - Lobster red is really not a good look. I know you might not see much when you get home of it but as much as you want to you cannot take a whole summers worth in 2 weeks. I can never believe the amount of people who are bright pink and STILL laying in the heat of the day!

Toddlers and hangovers - I know it's been mentioned but it is the worst combination of all time so there was no way I could leave it out!  Now everything is open again I'd love to go out and sample the delights of Agia Napa but it's not just a case of having a babysitter for the evening, I need one for the next day -  last year for my birthday I got home at 5.30am - Leo gets up at 6am!   Really really not good!!



  1. Socks and sandals made my list too. Horrible, just horrible.

  2. Dad says that even at his age no way would he wear socks with sandals and he has'nt worn speedos for years!! (in fact if he can get away without wearing socks at all he is happy)

  3. Spot on - although I must say Australian lifesavers do look good in Speedos.

    G-strings, on the other hand....

  4. I could very easily be one of those red lobsters. I only have to look at the sun and I burn. Great list. :-)


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