Friday, 20 May 2011

Flashback Friday

It' Flashback Friday time again and this week we are going back 30-something years to my 2nd birthday as next week is my son's 2nd birthday and I'm in full toddler party planning mode!

The year was 1979, as you could possibly guess by the rather fetching orange flowers on the wallpaper.

I don't remember anything about being 2, but I do remember spending a lot of time over the years in my Grandad 's garden

He had a huge garden, and obviously I was a lot smaller so it seemed like an enormous place to be in. We used to visit every week so I would have spent many hours playing there. Granddad was very green fingered and grew many different things in his garden and greenhouse. He had so many things growing in seed trays that he needed to label them and came up with the genius plan of cutting up old fairy liquid bottles into strips and writing on them.

These plastic strips ended up everywhere and I made it my job to go and find them and collect them up for him. I'm not sure how old I was at this time (older than 2 I know that much!) but he used to give me a penny for each one I found. (usually rounding it up to 50p) After I had collected them I'd take them in to show him how many I had and then put them away in the garage where there was a huge pile of them.

One day I looked at the pile and had a brainwave - I could get a big handful and get lots of money!!

I don't know how many I picked up but it was a lot more than usual, I took them to Granddad and he counted them out. I was very pleased with myself when it came to a lot of pennies but then he asked me to sit on his lap - a little bit nervous as I was feeling a little guilty (I was such a good child it was ridiculous!) He said he was surprised that I'd found so many and asked me where they all had been....

I've never been able to lie to save my life, I did make some vague attempt to but had toadmit that I'd got them from the garage.  Granddad said he wouldn't be able to give me the money for them as it wasn't 'playing the game'. I remember being really sad, not so much because of the money but because I thought I'd disappointed him.

He put the money back in his pocket but then took out a pound  (a WHOLE pound!) and handed it to me. It was for being honest and telling the truth, and for using my initiative  :)


  1. Mummyandthebeastie9 October 2012 at 20:12

     What a lovely story also of your Grandad. I also remember being given a pound! great pictures and you were so sweet :-) 

  2. Bless you...what a lovely memory! Excellent Flashback Friday madame! ;) Karin

  3. A lovely story! :) And the photos are great too.

  4. How cute do you look!!
    Your grandad sounds a lovely man, and your not so cunning plan is funny and how good you were to confess! What a lovely flashback :)

  5. What a lovely man and how clever of him to chide you and reward you at the same time. Great flashback and I have learnt a lesson from Grandad that I may well nick sometime in the future! 

  6. You were a very cute 2 year old- I love your little dress!

  7. That story is so cute - he sounds like a really wonderful man. Love the pics too!


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