Friday, 6 May 2011

Flashback Friday

It's Friday, and time for my favourite linky - Flashback Friday. This week I'm taking you back only two years...

'Bob' (we eventually decided on a name but he was nicknamed 'Bob' until he arrived) was due on May 16th so this time two years ago I looked something like this. I had taken maternity leave at the earliest time I could to avoid being made redundant so I had a lot of time to spare in the last couple of months.  Added to the fact we were living with my parents I didn't have a lot of any housework to do.

I was very careful to appreciate the time, knowing that very soon I'd never get the chance to be so lazy - I knew I was heading for a big change - going from lazy days with an afternoon nap and no housework to a baby and then very soon a big move, not just a house move but a country move and then to be on my own during the day with a baby rather than surrounded by 3 other adults - argh!

I think these photos were taken at the end of April, so as Leo was 2 weeks late the bump did get bigger! I had a great pregnancy and it was only the last 2 weeks that I got a bit fed up, mainly as we 'don't do late

Check out the other entries over at Cafe Bebe's and click here to see her 'bumptastic' photo from last week. Also - Congratulations to Karin, who's about to do it all over again!


  1. I've gone for a baby theme this week too! Must be Karin's wonderful news that has got us all thinking about pregnancy!! xxx

  2. A stunningly lovely bump madame! Love it! Thanks so much for posting again...well done you! Karin

  3. Love it! My bump is called Beanie with a name in reserve for when he is born too.

  4. Your bump looks beautiful. You also look so lovely in the other two photos - showing off your pregnancy glow. :)

  5. Fabulous bump you have there and cannot agree more the last two weeks are the worst they are NEVER ENDING. Lovely flashback

  6. Great pics! Looks like pregnancy really suited you!

  7. Just how gorgeous do you look pregnant? I looked a right bugger ;) x


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