Saturday, 14 May 2011

Flashback Friday - Before and after

This week for Flashback Friday Karin from Cafe Bebe has given us a theme.... Before and After.  

I've decided to go one better - so in keeping with the reason I started this blog here is my Before, During and after!

This was taken in May 2007 and was the first I saw of our new home since we had stood in the field trying to imagine what it might look like in October 2007. It was quite unnerving not even knowing if they had broken ground so getting these photos sent through by a kind neighbour was so exciting!

In July 2008 we came out on holiday and stayed just down the road, one of the first things we did was to drive straight to the site and see how it looked....
Our kitchen

I was a little worried as I thought it looked small (and we weren't even expecting Leo then!) but Aaron seemed more than happy and he's the expert so I was fine. It turns out that he was totally worried we had done a stupid thing but just pretended otherwise knowing that I'd panic!  It was great though to actually stand in our new home and try to imagine actually living there... in Cyrpus (oh my god!!!)

The apartments were due for completion on May 30th, the day after Leo arrived!  Like Leo they were a little late and Aaron had to go and leave me holding the baby while he went to collect the keys and check all was ok at the end of June. 

I made him take photos of absolutely everything, including the utility room which was basically a big cupboard, I couldn't wait to get out and see it all for myself. He took a video of the apartment  which just happened to have 'St Elmo's Fire' playing in the background. I watched that video so many times that song became the soundtrack to our new life.

We moved over in November 2009, our shipping arrived the day after we did and soon it looked like this...

18 months on and it still looks pretty much like this - although back then we had a coffee table that I could actually leave things on and now days the breakfast bar is generally a lot more covered in random crap that it is here in an attempt to get things out of the little dude's reach!


  1. I see all us 'Bloggers' were late with our Flashbacks :(

    That's a lovely kitchen...I so envy you living somewhere hot and gorgeous.  I need to come over and sit on that bench you blogged about the other day...and yes, without the kids ;)

  2. Wow great kitchen, got a bit of kitchen envy going on at the moment. 

  3. Fantastic kitchen! And you get to live in the sun too...

  4.  That looks fabulous!  Your life must be like being on holiday everyday!!

  5. Looks lovely, Im imagining the sun streaming in, long warm days. Perfect. 

  6. Sooo nice to live in the sunshine! Looks like a lovely home x

  7.  Looks good! I am catching up on your posts. Hope all is well your end of the island. 

  8. It occasionally has some holiday elements but my hubby works all hours under the sun and I still have a mad toddler and tons of housework so I've had better holidays!  :)


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