Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter party

On Thursday I took Leo to his first ever Easter Egg hunt, it was arranged by my good friend Sam who like myself loves a good excuse for a party - it was at her house we went to our first Halloween party too.

She wisely decided not to have the kids hunt for chocolate eggs - as all of the kids with the exception of one are only 2 we thought they might not quite understand the idea and we could be just setting ourselves up for some tears and tantrums! (also we thought chocolate would melt but it turns out the UK had all the nice weather and we only just missed the rain!)

Instead each child had one painted egg to find and then were given some stickers to decorate it. Cypriots dye their eggs red so we followed suit and had red ones too. (Symbolizes the blood of Christ)  It also handily meant that they were all the same colour so they all had the same :)

Although they didn't hunt for chocolate eggs don't worry they didn't miss out on their sugar overload, we all took some food to share and there were plenty of sweet things.  I made some Easter cakes with a mini egg on the top of each - I was very pleased with them as they are probably the most decorative thing I've ever made, unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before they all disappeared off the plate!

The kids all had a great time playing and running around and all got to go home with a goody bag of sweets.

Thank you Sam for another great time!

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