Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter in Cyprus

Easter is the most important religious holiday in Cyprus, this is our second Easter in Cyprus and this year we came a little closer than last to seeing a bit of the Cypriot way of celebrating.

There are plenty of decorations about, including some rather sinister looking Easter bunnies on the roundabouts.

On Thursday many Cypriot women bake 'Flaounes' a traditional Easter cheese bread. We were lucky enough to be given some by our neighbours.

On Holy Saturday (Easter Saturday) big bonfires known as 'Lambradja' are lit on waste ground near to big churches.

At 11pm the church service starts with the sermon of resurrection at midnight, we saw many people walking towards the church with their candles which all get lit, and then everyone greets each other with 'Christos anesti' (Christ has risen) to which they reply 'Alithos anesti' (Indeed he has risen)

Just after midnight the loudest fireworks I have ever heard were lit - they seemed to shake the whole building, amazingly they did not wake AJ or Leo at all! They went on for about 10 minutes which at that time of night when they have woken you up seems like a lifetime!

καλό Πάσχα
(Happy Easter!)


  1. Fascinating! It must be great to experience a different way of celebrating Easter.

  2. How lovely! Must be great to experience a different way of celebrating Easter :) The cheese bread looks tasty! xx


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