Thursday, 7 April 2011

'Baby shower in a box'

One of the things I love most is planning a party, and I am itching to throw someone a baby shower. I had one when I was pregnant, hosted by my Mum. I know someone should do it all for you but we were living with my parents at the time so I had the perfect excuse to do it myself.

One of my best friends is expecting her first baby, she is also coming to visit me in Cyprus next week. But due to the rather inconvenient fact of us living in 2 different countries throwing a party (shower still sounds a bit American for many wary Brits!) for her is not possible.

However, I have come up with a plan, the closet thing I can do to a party. 'A Baby shower in a box'  Now, I haven't got much further than a list of random tips for labour and early days - the kind of stuff that everyone would be chatting about at a party.  Any other suggestions would be very gratefully recieved, bearing in mind whatever I give her needs to fit into a suitcase to go back to the UK (and probably very full case knowing her!)

Also, how much information do you give a pregnant lady, I read a brilliant post by Mammywoo which had me in fits of laughter. (Very thankful I did my pelvic floor exercises like a woman possessed during pregnancy now) it got me wondering though, did I want to know exactly what I was letting myself in for? and would I have really believed it anyway?!   There must be a reason why every mother I've ever discussed birth storied with usually ends up by saying - "oh it was ok really!"  Even I do that, only to be corrected by my hubby who says it was 12 hours of hell.  (it really wasn't compared to many other births)

So, Mummies help me out.....  What would you say to yourself if you could travel back to your first pregnancy?

Am now hoping that my friend will not read this until after next week - should be ok as I don't think she's been on here since I started blogging!


  1. In a box? What about making her a memory diary of the first year so she can record al the mile stones, anda guest book with name, sex and weight guesses that you can fill in the first one yourself and she can get others to add to at home? x

  2. What a lovely idea! My sister is pregnant and living in Australia I would like to do something like this for her x

  3. It's a lovely gift idea.
    If I could travel back, I would tell myself not to eat quite so many biscuits and to keep up my pelvic floor exercises (which I am doing more often time!!)

  4. Definitely some BIG knickers :)


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