Saturday, 5 March 2011

Reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3 - Week 8

Wow - I've been cheerful for 8 weeks now, that's quite a long time! Seriously though this is what I love about this link up, even if you are not feeling that cheerful it makes you look harder for some reasons and then you realise that there is always something that is good.

Yesterday my car wouldn't start and although I may have sworn at it a little bit, it crossed my mind how please I was that we were at home with it and not stuck out somewhere with toddler and no buggy - finding reasons to be cheerful must be habit forming!

Michelle has challenged us to be creative this week and not just post three reasons....
Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

1. My car needs a service, this doesn't sound like a reason to be cheerful but I was worried it might need a whole lot more. Our mechanic friend took a look at it yesterday and saw nothing majorly wrong with it, that was good to hear!

2. AJ's car should be fixed very soon. After nearly 4 months of it being off the road (it needs a new engine) we finally have a plan. We have debated all the options, sell it, part-exchange it, fix it and changed our minds many times. An engine has now been located for it on the island and we have found someone to do the work for almost half as much as we were originally expecting it to cost us.

3. We have had a sneaky peak of summer. When spring arrives in Cyprus it feels like a lovely English summer, Leo has been playing outside for the last few days and I've even gone out without a jumper on briefly (yes I do seem to have acclimatised now - it was 26 degrees!)

4. In four days time we will have new neighbours..... My parents arrive on Wednesday. Leo will be beside himself with excitement as I think he's somewhat missed them over the last couple of weeks. He starts every morning asking "Grangas, Nana?"  He has the cutest way of saying 'Grandad', that's about as close as I can get!

5. It's a long weekend here in Cyprus so AJ is off on Monday. We are meeting friends on the beach for a BBQ which is a tradition for 'Green Monday' as it is known. We won't be dining like the locals though as on Green Monday no meat is allowed - sorry but us Brits can't have a BBQ without meat!

6. I got crafty with Leo and survived! We had a playdough session yesterday,not only that but it was homemade playdough! I really want to do crafts and cooking and painting with him but I seem to have a major irrational fear it seems of mess. I have surprised myself with how much I don't want to do these things as I just think it will go very badly but I think playdough was a good start.

Well, that's a whole lot of cheerful from me if that hasn't been enough go and check out some of the other reasons to be cheerful this week.


  1. Super reasons Emma :)

    SO jealous of your 26 degrees! I need to get crafty with Freya too - and go you on the homemade playdough.

    Enjoy your long lovely weekend x

  2. Don't panic, I'm coming out with paints and brushes for Leo!!!!!! along with a protective apron.

  3. LMAO, 26 degrees, that is the height of summer for us! Enjoy your parents being over and your long weeknd - sounds fab.

    Mich x


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