Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The original Agia Napa

Agia Napa is known to many as one of the big party resorts in the Mediterranean, it is famous for it's clubs, partying and drinking, and thousands of people visit every year for just this reason alone. But there is another side to Agia Napa.....

This is the Agia Napa monastery, we've been here several times now as it's turned into one of the places we always take our visitors. It's one of the few signs that Agia Napa was once a sleepy little village and when you stand in it during the day, and out of the tourist season it's hard to imagine you are in a party town.

I would imagine that most of Agia Napa's visitors do not know (or care while they are buying cocktails by the bucket) that "Agia Napa" is Greek for "Saint Napa"   The word 'Napa' comes from the ancient Greek word 'nape' and means 'wooded valley'  It's very hard to imagine now as you come down the motorway towards the town and see the hotels and the big golden arch of Mcdonalds but it was once a thick forest.

There was a local legend that said an icon of the Virgin Mary was found in the cave that is now part of the monastery's church and this was called "The Icon of Agia Napa"  i.e the "Icon of the Saint of the wooded valley', this was then shortened to "Agia Napa"   You can read more of the history of Agia Napa and the monastry here.

I recently found out you can get married in the monastery, its probably a good job I am already married as there are so many gorgeous places you could choose from here in Cyprus, I'd never be able to make up my mind!

I last visited the Monastery in December when one of our lovely friends came to see us, he took all the photos with his posh camera (thought I'd better not take all the credit!) He's new to blogging and you can find him at Chuzzlewit77

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  1. I grew up in Cyprus and used to love visiting the monastery! I was just feeling a bit homesick for it all and started looking up blogs about Cyprus. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Now you see that looks all lovely and warm and gorgeous *looks out of window at grey gloom and sulks*

  3. Hi, Love your blog, Im Ronny from Sweden and my family (Wife and two kids) Have an apartment i Protaras, We are not living all year in Cyprus at the moment but we would really love doing that, your blog makes us want that even more. Last year we even visit Dheryneia. We travel to Cyprus as much as we can and we love it.

    Ronny with family

  4. Beautiful. Sometimes you have to look hard to find the real Cyprus...but it's certainly worth it!

  5. Its lovely to know about the other side to Cyprus''s biggest club scene, funny no, how the two things can stand next to each other!


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