Thursday, 10 March 2011

My Fitness Story

Over the last few months I have been reading a great new section over at The Five F's blog called my Fitness Story. Back in January Kate asked for people willing to share their stories.

This is what she says about it...
'I think fitness and weight loss is such a broad subject and there are so many different ways of doing it, good and bad, that just talking about what I do doesn't even scratch the surface. So, I asked on twitter if anyone would share their stories and a few people popped up expressing an interest so I've decided to give it a go. 

I want to cover as broad a range as possible. What I'm after is experiences of following a diet or starting a fitness regime, with a goal in mind. It doesn't have to be a great success. If it was a qualified success, or an abject failure, I want to hear those stories too - about what you learned from the experience, perhaps how it changed your ideas or outlook on diet and fitness, and how you moved on from that.'

I am very excited to tell you that this week's Fitness Story is mine!  You can find Kate's blog and my weight loss story here

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