Friday, 11 March 2011

Where it all began...

Just over three years ago I stood in a field with the most important people in my life......

AJ, Me and my parents at the site of our future home.

We had just signed the papers to buy our new apartments, We had one of the penthouses and my parents brought an apartment on the ground floor. They were due to be completed in May 2009. We had no real idea of what we were doing, especially AJ and myself as we hadn't spent much time in Cyprus at all but it seemed like a good idea!

We had no real plan of when we would be moving, the original plan was to be about now when AJ's work contract ran out and my parents retired. However plans changed several times for various reasons, (the main one being a certain little Leo arriving in the same month that they were due for completion!) AJ's contract ended early and we decided to make the move rather than look for more work in the UK. 

Ground breaking on the site.
It was a very strange process, knowing (or hoping!) that our new home was being built but being unable to check! Luckily I made contact with a nearby ex-pat who sent us photos every now and again. It was a long couple of years, knowing we were moving abroad but I think never really believing it could actually be true. I thought it was something that normal people just couldn't do. I never really realised that many people for all the talk, don't actually want to do it when it really comes down to it.

We did manage a trip over when the apartment looked like this...

AJ and I moved over in November 2009 when Leo was just 6 months old. There was quite a short time between making the decision to go and actually leaving. Leaving was not as bad as I expected it to be I think because I still couldn't believe it was happening! The hardest part was leaving my parents, as I had always spent so much time with them, and it seemed a long way off until they would be joining us. 

But that day has now arrived, as of this week we now have our new neighbours and it means I survived (and enjoyed as it wasn't that bad really!) my first year and a half in Cyprus. There were a few times where I was a bit lost, at home on my own with Leo, AJ at work and no other neighbours or people to call on but we did it and I'm quite proud of us!

The next chapter starts now....

This post has been written for Cafe Bebe's Flashback Friday, a little bit longer and with a few more photos than usual!  


  1. Oh lovely! What a beautiful and BRAVE story! I bet it was a bit of a tearful reunion at the airport yesterday! How truly special. I'll expect a picture like the first one but 3 years on. Can you do that for us?! ;)

    Happy homecoming for your parents. See you next week!

    :) Karin

  2. I think it was a very brave thing to do, to move to a country that you were not that familiar with, especially wit a 6 month old baby in tow! Lovelyto see and read about how it all began for you.

  3. I certainly can, I wanted to add it to this but I need to wait until we have another pair of hands!

  4. In the run up to the move everyone said we were very brave, I always used to reply "Well, either very brave or very stupid!" Luckily so far it wasn't stupid!

  5. That's such lovely and positive news. How amazing it will be to have your parents living so near after being apart for such a long time. Enjoy yourselves.

    CJ xx


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