Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Here we go again....

If I've done it once I can do it again, right?

Four years ago I lost four stone with Slimming World. I stayed close to my target weight for almost a year until I got pregnant and decided to eat my own body weight in doughnuts,
(I started off well, deciding that I would continue to eat healthily and try and maintain my weight for a little bit and then only put on what was necessary.... then I realised that was a rubbish idea and eating lots seemed like much more fun!)

Since being in Cyprus I have lost about a stone, but still have about the same to go to get to where I would like to be. I don't know yet what my actual target weight will be but one of the good things with Slimming World is the fact you do not have to set a target until you are ready (and when you do it is entirely your choice, unless it is lower than the recommended 'healthy weight') What I am aiming for is to fit back into most of my old clothes and feel fitter again.

Although I have followed the Slimming World plan for years on and off, for me going to a weekly group makes all the difference. I am pleased that they have finally opened a group in my area (although not so pleased that they couldn't do it 2 years ago when I wanted to become a consultant) and it's at a time I can make without the little dude!

I have been inspired by reading Mummy Manda's blog who is not only following Slimming world but has set herself a 30 day challenge to eat a different evening meal each day.

Today I joined my new group and I'm all set to get back into my summer clothes - the weather is starting to change now and I'll regret it otherwise in a few weeks when we get back to the beach! 

I'll let you know how I get on...


  1. Good luck Emma, I'm sure if you've done it once you'll be able to do it again easier this time with less to lose. I've just had a read of your Slimming World story from November (before I was blogging). You look FAB! xx

  2. Good luck Emma! :)

    Losing 4 stone before was a great achievement! If you've done it once before you'll most definitely be able to do it again! I'm following you on Twitter now :) You'll have plenty of support online as well as offline!

    Had a read through of your SW story before and you look amazing!


  3. Thank you, have just discovered how many SW followers are on twitter, it's a great motivation.


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